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Fun facts about your delicious Padang food


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Jakarta  /  Thu, June 16, 2016  /  02:38 pm
Fun facts about your delicious Padang food

Most Padang restaurants will serve a lot of dishes straight away on your table, especially if you come with a group of three people or more. (Shutterstock/-)

From rendang to dendeng, Padang food is loved by many, and indeed is one of Indonesia's most popular local cuisines. Below are a few interesting facts about Padang food that you may or may not know already.

Take-away Padang food is more valuable


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If you're a regular eater of Padang food and enjoy taking it away to be enjoyed at home instead of dining in, that behavior might be the right choice, as the eatery will usually serve you a significantly bigger portion, especially for the rice. 

The history of this dates to the Dutch colonialism era in Indonesia. This may be hard to believe, but eating Padang food in the restaurant used to be more challenging than it is today, as only Dutch people and the rich were allowed to enjoy it sitting in. Most Padang restaurant owners wanted to be nice to the locals though, and therefore gave them bigger portions to take away.

Another theory regarding this behavior is that the additional portion of rice is a form of rewards from Padang restaurant owners because take-away customers don't make their plates dirty. It's as simple as that.

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Eating without utensils is encouraged

Eating with your hands is a well-known habit in Indonesia and this particularly applies to Padang food. By devouring it with your hands, you can expect to get that strong smell of the cuisine's signature spices sticking on to your hand, which will give you a certain feeling of happiness.

Impressive waitressing skill


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Most Padang restaurants will serve a lot of dishes straight away on your table, especially if you come with a group of three people or more. Immediately after you enter the place, sit down and begin chatting with your friends, the food will be presented on your table a minute later. 

How do the waiters do this? If you pay attention, you'll notice that Padang restaurant waiters have an impressive skill of carrying more than five plates at a time. This might be a natural gift owned by the Sumatrans since the tari piring (plate dance) originates in Minangkabau culture.

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There are no 'Padang restaurants' in Padang


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This rumor has been around for a long time. Since Padang restaurants come from Padang, it makes sense that places serving rendang won't call themselves rumah makan Padang (Padang restaurants) as they do throughout the rest of Indonesia. 

Nevertheless, visiting eateries in Padang that serve authentic traditional dishes is still a recommended if you visit the city. (kes)

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