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Must-try local foods served with cheese


Life is Tasty!

Jakarta  /  Fri, June 17, 2016  /  04:43 pm
Must-try local foods served with cheese

Cheese is even more delicious when it is added to other dishes, such as martabak (pancakes) with mozzarella cheese on top. (

Considered one of life’s culinary pleasures, cheese is great in both savory and sweet dishes. In countries like Indonesia, talking about cheese means you have to think outside the box as people love to have it with almost everything, from traditional foods like bakso (meatballs) to delicious old-school desserts like kue cubit (small pancakes). 

Here are some foods that feature cheese as the main attraction.



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This is the most amazing phenomenon in the Indonesian culinary world: modern, contemporary Indomie noodles. You can spot Indomie stalls with a modern feel almost anywhere in Jakarta, and this trend has spread to other cities in Indonesia as well.

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It came as a shock when bakso keju (meatballs with cheese filling) were introduced for the first time. They are indeed unique and unusual. But people seem to like them and there is a clear reason for the fame, as cheese inside the meatballs makes them even more creamy and delicious. 


Adapting from the famous baozi which originated in China, bakpao (steamed buns) are a favorite snack in Indonesia, from bakpao with mung beans, to bakpao with chocolate and bakpao with shredded chicken. With the modernization of local cuisine, mozzarella bakpao also arose, and they are surprisingly good.



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Martabak (pancakes) are arguably one of the most famous phenomena in the Indonesian culinary world. People have idolized modern martabak for years and there are no signs of slowing down. It is no surprise that martabak sellers have adapted their products and offer "high-class" toppings and flavors, from taro to green tea and, of course, mozzarella cheese.

‘Kue cubit’


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Kue cubit used to be very simple. Available as a snack sold near schools or at traditional markets, they are made from flour, baking powder, sugar and milk. They have the same shape and color and come with chocolate sprinkled on top. But now, you can find kue cubit with a lot of variations, one of which is topped with cheese.

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Here's an unusual one: pempek (fish cakes). Also known as empek-empek, this meal is originally from Palembang, South Sumatra, and became famous countrywide thanks to its delicious taste. Pempek have now reached a whole new level, because places like Pempek Belida Mas have added mozzarella cheese to make the fish cakes even more appetizing. (kes)

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