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'Keluarga Tak Kasat Mata' to hit cinemas on Nov. 23

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sun, November 19, 2017  /  12:07 pm

Reportedly based on a true story, horror movie Keluarga Tak Kasat Mata (A Not Invisible Family) is scheduled for theatrical release on Nov. 23.

Directed by Hedy Suryawan, the film details the strange occurrences experienced by Bonaventura Genta (Deva Mahenra) after he begins working in a new office building in Yogyakarta. As events escalate, Genta and his friends must ask for help to put an end to the supernatural phenomenon.

According to, the story went viral on Indonesia’s largest online community website Kaskus last year, receiving 12 million hits. It was also turned into a book.

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Also appearing in the movie is Aura Kasih, who plays the role of an Indigo, Rere.

Aura told that she was initially reluctant to take on the role due to the frightening script.

Keluarga Tak Kasat Mata also features Kemal Palevi, Ganindra Bimo, Miller Khan, Wizzy Williana and Tio Pakusadewo. (jes/kes)