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Art museum offers new weekend activities for families

Ardisa Pradhita

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Fri, March 9, 2018  /  09:14 am
Art museum offers new weekend activities for families

Fun with arts: Children explore their creativity by combining the different paints that have been provided. (JP/Ardisa Pradhita)

An art museum in Jakarta has launched a program that allows parents and their children to spend their weekends channeling their creative energy instead of visiting the same old shopping malls.

The program, called Weekend at the Museum: Art Workshop for Kids and Teens, is available at the Ciputra Artpreneur Museum in Central Jakarta.

“We wanted these children to be more familiar with arts, and we facilitate that by offering them fun activities that require them to explore their creativity. We do hope that this event can become an option for families in Jakarta looking to spend the weekend with their kids,” the head of the workshop committee, Kennylia, said.

Kennylia said she hoped similar workshops could continue to run and be utilized to spread a passion for the arts, especially among children and teenagers living in the hustle and bustle of Jakarta.

“Among the skyscrapers that they see almost every day, we wanted to prove that we can offer a very fun and challenging activity that was made just for them,” she said.

The theme for the most recent workshop, which was held on Feb. 24 and Feb. 25, was Recycled Arts. The focus of the workshop was not only about art and creativity, but also about raising environmental awareness among children. The museum collaborated with two art collectives — Kredoo and Ichinogami — to conduct the entire art workshop.

It was divided into two days, each with different areas of focus.

On Saturday, the workshop emphasized the Recycled Arts theme by allowing the children to express their creativity by painting used cans. On Sunday, the workshop encouraged them to preserve the environment by educating them on planting houseplants and painting plant pots afterward.

The founder of Kredoo, Mitae, said she wanted the children to develop within the scope of the arts.

“I would like to urge children from an early age to become familiar with arts through secondhand items so that they will be fully aware that it is important to preserve the earth we live on,” Mitae said.

Apart from the activities on recycled arts, the teens were also challenged to create papercraft art using various patterns that ranged in difficulty.

The founders of Ichinogami, Rauf and Putri, said they wanted the children to recognize that there were other forms of paper-based art other than origami.

“Papercraft art is authentic because, through a flexible object such as paper, we can make a variety of things, beginning with a simple object such as a hand puppet, to a more complex thing such as a giant robot that can stand up to 3 meters tall,” Rauf said.

The children, including participant Sopi Angelina, seemed to enjoy the workshop from start to finish.

Sopi, a middle school student from Central Jakarta, said her love for art was the sole reason why she chose to participate in the workshop.

“I do hope that this kind of event will bring advancements to the world of art in Indonesia as I also learned so much throughout the entire event,” she said.

The parents also seemed to enjoy the workshop. One of them, Julpian, said he was happy with the workshop because it allowed him to introduce his daughter to new forms of art.

“She does not have this kind of workshop at her school,” he said.

— The writer is an intern at The Jakarta Post.