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What to consider before buying a baby stroller

Ni Nyoman Wira
Ni Nyoman Wira

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sun, May 6, 2018  /  03:00 pm
What to consider before buying a baby stroller

A model pushes a stroller from Bugaboo, which launched a new collection in April. The Amsterdam-based brand offers a variety of strollers to fit different ages and parental needs. (Bugaboo/File)

If you are first-time parents and curious about the kind of baby stroller best suited to your needs, celebrity doctor Lula Kamal shares some points to consider before buying one.

“For me, function and safety are crucial for my child,” Lula said during the April launch of a new collection from Bugaboo, the Amsterdam-based mobility products brand, at SKYE in Central Jakarta.

Lula also focused on the importance of having a durable stroller, so that parents do not need to purchase a new one if they planned to have more children. It was also best to check the maximum weight that a stroller could carry, which would determine its usage limit.

Moreover, the stroller should be designed to accommodate the infant's developmental stages. Babies less than six months old, for instance, should not be placed in a sitting position, even if you think they seemed capable of sitting upright.

“Their backbones haven’t yet fully developed, so they should lie flat,” said Lula. She added that the effects of incorrect positioning might not be visible immediately, but would emerge as the babies grew, especially in their height and the shape of their backbones.

As for maintenance, parents should wash the stroller using food-grade cleaners as soon as it became dirty. If the baby is in the stage when they often put various items into their mouth, it is better for parents to pack baby wipes with the stroller.

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When it comes to the wheels, their shape and size depend on where you will use the stroller most. If you will use it often on rough, bumpy surfaces, it would be better to choose strollers with large wheels. Those with smaller wheels are more suited for leisure use, such as in a mall.

Mark Van Tool, marketing communication manager for Bugaboo Asia Pacific, said the wheels should be supported by good suspension. “The more suspension, the better it is. Each wheel should have its own suspension to get over a bump,” he said. “[Individual] suspension on each wheel will make it easier on all terrains.”

It was also wise to choose a stroller that has a stylish touch. “You’re going use the stroller every day for three to four years. You want to have something that you think is cool,” said Van Tool. “It’s important – you walk with it every day, it’s like your purse. It makes you feel good.”

In designing its baby strollers, Bugaboo has collaborated with Australian sportswear brand We Are Handsome for the second time. The new strollers come with a summer-inspired sun canopy with tropical touches, such as toucan bird prints with tropical leaves in the background.

Those searching for an "all-terrain" baby stroller can opt for the Bugaboo Fox, which features all-wheel suspension, a central joint system, large wheels and a light structure that can sustain a maximum 10 kilograms. (mut)