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Topcoat Indonesia CEO on how to keep your car squeaky clean

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Jakarta  /  Sun, May 13, 2018  /  05:22 am
Topcoat Indonesia CEO on how to keep your car squeaky clean

A man polishes a car with a microfiber cloth. (Shutterstock/File)

Despite pollution, dirt and rain spots, there are many ways to keep your car shiny and clean. One of them is by coating your car.

According to Antara, car coating means to cover the body of your car with certain materials that keep it bright and dirt-resistant, therefore making it easier to clean.

However, following the coating process, there are important steps to take to preserve the final result.

“After the coating process, you should not wash the car for three days using shampoo,” said Christopher Sebastian, CEO of Topcoat Indonesia, adding that shampoo at a certain pH might ruin the body.

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He suggested that vehicle owners select the shampoo with a low pH and refrain from visiting car-wash facilities too often.

“We don’t know whether they use clean towels or not – or if [towels] had been used to clean up other cars as they can be dirty and cause a scratch,” Christopher said.

Car owners are advised to park their vehicles in a covered area and clean their car after getting caught in rain as rainwater can be acidic. (wir/wng)