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Chocolate company Lindt launches chocolate hazelnut spread

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-  /  Sun, July 29, 2018  /  02:02 pm
Chocolate company Lindt launches chocolate hazelnut spread

Ferrero Rocher’s Nutella now has company, with the arrival of its new competitor from Switzerland. (Shutterstock/denio109)

Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company Lindt has launched Hazelnut Cream, a spread made of chocolate and hazelnuts. According to the product description, the spread was prepared using a method that was fine-tuned by the Lindt Maitres Chocolatiers, resulting in a "perfectly smooth" mixture with a full chocolate aroma.

Dubbed "a fancy Nutella" by Insider (, 40 percent of the spread is made of Piedmont hazelnut, unlike some of its competitors, such as Ferrero Rocher’s Nutella, which mostly uses sugar and fats and contains 13 percent hazelnut.

Indeed, Nutella, long considered the king of the hazelnut spread market, now has a competitor. However, the new Lindt spread comes at a price and is currently only available in Europe and the United Kingdom.

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Insider wrote that chocoholics in the United States have to pay four times the original price for purchases of the new spread made via Amazon. The product, however, has received good reviews from customers (, with one reviewer referring to the rich, hazelnut spread as a "dream come true". (anm/mut)