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These beauty products are good enough to eat

Jacqueline Arias News Network

 /  Tue, September 25, 2018  /  05:35 pm
These beauty products are good enough to eat

There was a weird trend on YouTube wherein beauty vloggers attempted to do their makeup using food products. Like, actual cheese powder, flour, and chocolate. (Shutterstock/Pixel-Shot)

There was a weird trend on YouTube wherein beauty vloggers attempted to do their makeup using food products. Like, actual cheese powder, flour, and chocolate. Now, if you think that it’s a waste to raid your pantry for your makeup needs (it is), there are actually food brands and places that came out with their own beauty lines.

As uncanny as some of them may sound, the products are actually intriguing. It also makes us hungry and thirsty just looking at them—effective marketing, TBH. For the foodies out there, here are the collections you can cop and also those you might’ve missed because they’re limited-edition.

The Face Shop x Coca-Cola

The Face Shop launched their Coca-Cola collaboration in the Philippines earlier this year, and it has everything we adore about the drink. First, the packaging is the same red shade as the beverage. Second, and probably the best detail, is that the products have a cola scent—especially their lip tints! The collection has all the items you need for a simple makeup look: a cushion foundation, lip tints, lipsticks, and an eyeshadow palette.


Shu Uemura x La Maison du Chocolat


@shuuemura holiday collection is in collaboration with @lamaisonduchocolat_paris and will contain makeup that is infused with chocolate 🍫 The collection contains: - 2 Ganache & Praliné Eye palettes - 1 Shimmery powder - 4 Rouge Unlimited - 6 Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte - Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil - 2 Creamy Dome Blusher - 2 Brow Unlimited - 1 Chocolate Topped Premium Curler - 1 Train case - 1 Ganache & Praliné Brush Coffret - 1 Essence Absolue C Hair Oil Launching either later in September/early November. Thanks Mimi Ko for the great research 😘 #shuuemuraxlamaisonduchocolat #lamaisonduchocolat #chocolate #shuuemura #makeupnews #newmakeup #beautynews #beautynewsfamily

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As part of their holiday line, Shu Uemura is launching a limited-edition chocolate-inspired makeup collection on Oct. 2. This is in collaboration with luxury chocolatier La Maison Du Chocolat. There will be two eyeshadow palettes, six new lipstick shades in matte and cream formulas, a metallic lip liner, loose shimmer powders, blushes, two vivid brow and lash gels, and a cleansing oil. All of them will be chocolate-scented and flavored—perfect for all the sweet lovers out there.


TonyMoly x Samyang

Are you a fan of the spicy noodles challenge? Well, Samyang, the brand behind the fiery dish, has a collab with TonyMoly. The collection will be inspired by the Buldak Spicy Chicken Ramen and will include the following: Hot Coverdak Cushion (with a refill that comes in a sauce packet), Noodle Blusher (Bad Red and Carbolighter), a Lip Care Stick balm, and Lip Sauce Tint (Spicy Red and Cheese Red). Luckily these products don’t seem to be hellishly spicy. But Allure did mention that Beauty Box Korea is selling them with free packs of spicy noodles. BRB, signing up for the noodles!


2016 was an, um, ambitious year for KFC. They first released two edible nail polishes that’s chicken-flavored—original and spicy. Then, they delved into sunscreen territory because who doesn’t want to smell like 11 secret spices while cooking under the sun? Since then, the food chain hasn’t released other chicken-inspired beauty products.

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Sara Happ x Sprinkles

Sara Happ, known for her sweet lip scrubs, collaborated with US dessert shop Sprinkles to create a red velvet-flavored scrub. According to the website, the scent will remind you of “rich, warm chocolate infused with hints of silky cream cheese.” It works as a regular lip scrub to exfoliate and you get a dessert fix.



Hershey’s decided to capitalize on their Kisses brand to make a line of lip balms. These are inspired by their various flavors like milk chocolate, cherry cordial, strawberry, and coconut cream. They’re also formulated with shea butter and jojoba oil to ensure that your lips are moisturized.

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