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Book set to highlight 28 Indonesian mountain expeditions

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Jakarta  /  Mon, November 5, 2018  /  11:39 am
Book set to highlight 28 Indonesian mountain expeditions

Hikers are seen exploring Mount Tambora in West Nusa Tenggara. (Kompas/Ahmad Arif)

Twenty-eight teams departed simultaneously for an expedition to 28 mountains in Indonesia in order to wave the Indonesian flag and proclaim the Youth Pledge at exactly 10 a.m. West Indonesian Time (WIB) on Oct. 28.

The Ekspedisi 28 Gunung (28-mountain expedition) project and all forms of documentation such as texts, pictures and videos from it are currently being incorporated into a book that is planned to be published early next year.

“The photos are already curated by the National Geographic team and the results are at [outdoor equipment company] Eiger, so everyone can take a look at them,” said Galih Donikara, an Eiger Adventure Service Team staff member, as quoted by

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The 28 mountains are located on islands across Indonesia; Mount Kemiri, Mt. Sibuatan, Mt. Talang, Mt. Masurai, Mt. Kerinci, Mt. Dempo, Mt. Patah and Mt. Pesagi on Sumatra, Mt. Pulosari, Mt. Ciremai, Mt. Slamet, Mt. Merapi and Mt. Semeru on Java, Mt. Palung, Mt. Rorekatimbu, Mt. Halau Halau, Mt. Beriun and Mt. Kelimutu in Kalimantan, Mt. Klabat, Mt. Tambusisi, Mt. Gandang Dewata, Mt. Mekongga and Mt. Latimojong on Sulawesi and Mt. Binaya, Mt. Tambora, Mt. Koya Koya, Mt. Rinjani and Mt. Cartensz in West and East Nusa Tenggara, Ambon Island and Papua.

“This expedition has also made several alternative paths popular and they have become new favorites with hikers,” Galih said.

He hopes that the book can expand knowledge about Indonesian mountains and the natural richness of the archipelago. (iru/kes)