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Reusing cooking oil is bad for your health, expert says

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sat, December 22, 2018  /  10:49 pm
Reusing cooking oil is bad for your health, expert says

According to a sports nutritionist, reusing cooking oil incorrectly can be dangerous. (Shutterstock/Pipat Yapathanasap)

Although it seems economical, reusing cooking oil incorrectly is highly dangerous for the body.

According to sports nutritionist Emilia Elfiranti Achmadi, oils contain fatty acid groups connected with inter-group bonds, resembling a pearl necklace. Repeated heating severs these bonds, turning the originally anti-inflammatory oil into an inflammatory substance.

“The smoke point also gets lower, so repetitive heating can form carcinogens," Emilia told on Dec. 18 in Jakarta. 

Carcinogens are substances that promote carcinogenesis or the formation of cancer.

She also said that repeated heating decreases the oil’s nutrients content. Emilia recommends using oil no more than three times, though this depends on the heating frequency.

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Emilia mentioned two methods to avoid the dangerous risks.

First is to fry foods on a flat pan instead of a deep-fryer. Although more time-consuming, especially for a large amount of food, this method is considered healthier.

The second one is to process your food differently. Roasting and grilling are the two recommended cooking alternatives to frying. (iru/wng)