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Tea tastes good even without sugar: Study

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-  /  Fri, June 7, 2019  /  03:02 pm
Tea tastes good even without sugar: Study

Traditional British way of enjoying tea adds cold milk to the beverage, making the temperature safer for health. (Shutterstock/Petereleven)

Some drink their tea with milk, while others add sugar. A study, however, revealed that we actually do not have to sweeten tea to enjoy it, the Independent reports.

A research team from University College London and the University of Leeds analyzed the tea-drinking behavior of 64 men who usually added sugar to their tea. They were divided into three groups. One of the groups had to stop sweetening the hot beverage overnight, another one to reduce the sugar gradually and the last one continued to add sugar. 

After four weeks, the findings showed that participants of the first and second group still enjoyed their tea, even with less or no sugar. Thirty-six percent of the group that stopped adding sugar claimed they would maintain the practice. Meanwhile, in the group that gradually reduced sugar, 42 percent no longer felt the need to add sugar.

The author of the study concluded that excessive sugar intake had raised public health concerns and that sweetened beverages have contributed to the intake, whereas the reduction of sugar intake in beverages could result in the reduced consumption of the substance.

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Tam Fry, chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said gradually reducing sugar intake allowed taste buds to acclimatize to a new formula.

“[…] might be less of a sudden shock to the system but, as the study reports, the end result is the same,” said Fry.

While there are researchers who feel that a larger trial is needed to confirm the tendency to cut off sugar, Fry declined the idea.

“[…] people have already given up drinking six-packs of substantially sweetened colas and switched to buying more of the zero-sugar brands,” he was quoted as saying.

Sugar may sweeten tea and other beverages but also leads to weight gain and tooth decay, and should be consumed in moderation. (sop/mut)