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Artists, illustrators join forces to welcome ‘Gundala’ movie

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Jakarta  /  Mon, June 10, 2019  /  03:18 pm
Artists, illustrators join forces to welcome ‘Gundala’ movie

The superhero Gundala is the protagonist in Joko Anwar's 'Gundala' movie. (Jagad BumiLangit on YouTube/File)

The movie poster for Gundala, unveiled in late May, has drawn overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans. Artists and illustrators have been creating works based on the poster and published them in social media with the hashtag #GundalaFanArt.

The director and screenwriter of Gundala, Joko Anwar, posted some of the fan art on his Instagram account two days after the poster was published.

Joko said in a press release that he was touched by the enthusiasm of the artists and fans.

“This movie has been made with love from us, fans of Gundala, for fans and the public. The Gundala movie was made for all of us,” said Joko.

Among more than 500 works submitted as #GundalaFanArt, one was created by the chairman of the Indonesian Comics Association (AKSI) and creator of Indonesian comic series Si Juki, Faza Meonk.

Faza said that, as a comic artist who was often involved in movie productions, he was excited that Gundala as a legendary Indonesian comic was to be adapted to the silver screen.

“The fan art I’ve made [expresses] appreciation for the return of Indonesia’s superhero films. Hopefully after Gundala, this genre will continue to grow in the local film industry to be widely accepted by the general public,” Faza was quoted as saying.

Young comic artist Jasmine Surkatty, known on Instagram under the username @komikgajelas, has uploaded Gundala Fan Art of her own. Her style is particularly comedic.

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Another illustrator who showcased appreciation through fan art is comic guru Toni Masdiono, whose works have been gracing the Indonesian comic scene since the 1980s.

Also included in the 500+ fan art works posted on social media are those created by renowned Indonesian illustrator Rudy Nurdiawan, who has been a fan of the Gundala comic since he was a child.

“Upon seeing the Gundala movie poster I am compelled to contribute a work to enliven the hype. I saw the trailer beforehand and it is amazing,” said Rudy.


Apart from comic industry professionals, many novice illustrators are also chipping in to the pool of Gundala Fan Art.

Diandra, a high school student from Banten who likes to experiment with water colors, published her take on Gundala.

“I feel that Indonesia has the potential to compete with foreign films,” she said.

As of June 1, Joko encourages fans to keep submitting good works of Gundala fan art. He wrote that selected artworks, with permission from the creators, would be showcased at a fan art exhibition at the gala premiere on the fourth week of August, when the movie is scheduled to be released. (ayr/mut)