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Agatha plays with memories, tech in jewelry design

Marcel Thee

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Thu, June 20, 2019  /  07:03 pm
Agatha plays with memories, tech in jewelry design

Diverse: Racoonandbabies offers eclectic collections for people of different backgrounds (courtesy of Racoonandbabies/-)

The uniquely named Raccoonandbabies is more than a jewelry brand with a funky name. Founded by Agatha Agatha, who is also its creative director, the brand embraces the past by designing jewelries with a playful, child-like touch. Utilizing 3D printing technology among its traditional jewelry making techniques, the brand began when Agatha began combining her childhood memories of living in Jakarta and her experiences as a design student at Parsons art and design school in New York. Though she did not study jewelry creation there – instead becoming a fashion design major – she managed to take a class that would be invaluable to her future craft in jewelry. “I've always been interested in toys and 3D objects so when I studied at Parsons it really showed that I was more into jewelry than clothing. Unfortunately, at the time they didn't have a jewelry des...