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Harry Bhaskara’s endless hope for a better Indonesia

Duncan Graham

The Jakarta Post

Brisbane, Australia  /  Mon, July 1, 2019  /  02:42 pm
Harry Bhaskara’s endless hope for a better Indonesia

Harry Bhaskara. (-/Erlinawati Graham)

It is a bromide among politicians urging exporters: Australians must study Indonesian to sell more to the hungry customers next door. Exploring reveals diversity; tolerance will thrive and friendships flourish. This is fine to a point, though not the whole story for veteran Indonesian journalist and independent thinker Harry Bhaskara. Harry reckons his former country also has to put in the hard yards, as Australians say.  That includes the government news agency Antaradistributing enticing stories about Indonesia written in English. Then Aussies might learn there’s more to the republic than burning tires in Jakarta and motorbikes in Bali’s Kuta. “If Indonesia can become a decent country, its relationship with Australia and the rest of the world will improve,” Harry said.  “Much of the onus lies with Indonesia itself […] B...