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Beauty amid chaos: Martin Roemers dissects world's megacities

Teddy Hans

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Tue, July 9, 2019  /  04:56 pm
Beauty amid chaos: Martin Roemers dissects world's megacities

Daily routine: The blur of a colorful market is seen against the background of a busy street in Jakarta. (Courtesy of Martin Roemers/-)

Dutch photographer Martin Roemers was a seasoned photographer by the time he began his latest project, Metropolis. He was well-known for his work covering the harsh effects of war on both people and landscapes. However, Roemers decided it was time for a change, and in his newest project, he attempted to visually capture what life is like for those who live amid the chaos of the world’s megacities. At the opening of his Metropolis exhibition at Erasmus Huis cultural center in South Jakarta, Roemers began his presentation by taking the audience through a few of his acclaimed projects, such as Relics of the Cold War and The Eyes of War. Scenes of long-forgotten nuclear missile silos lost in Polish forests and the incredibly detailed faces of veterans blinded during the historic D-day invasion at Normandy, France, flashed on the projector screen. The audience was hooked by ...