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Jakarta Aquarium offers modern, ‘edutaining’ experience

Teddy Hans

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sat, July 20, 2019  /  11:59 am
Jakarta Aquarium offers modern, ‘edutaining’ experience

Into the blue: The aquarium's modern approach to its aesthetic has made it somewhat of a fish boutique. (Courtesy of the Jakarta Aquarium/-)

Stepping into the Jakarta aquarium transports visitors into an environment totally different from the shopping mall in which it is located. After buying a ticket and passing through the entrance, visitors are soon immersed in a mangrove forest. Trees flank either side of a projector walkway that shows fish swimming below one’s feet. Off to the right, a large brown python is curled in a ball behind glass looking ready to strike. The sounds of birds squawking and running water can be heard in the background. For just a moment, the aquarium has become a passable imitation of the mangrove forests that can be found throughout the archipelago. Picture perfect: Visitors take photographs in the Ocean Walkway exhibit at the Jakarta Aquarium that showcases a variety of small and large marine animals. (JP/Tirta Utama Umbas) The engaging atmosphere thrusts the Jakarta Aquarium ...