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IDCO's internationally acclaimed young dancers wow in annual show

Tertiani ZB Simanjuntak

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Thu, October 10, 2019  /  12:39 pm
IDCO's internationally acclaimed young dancers wow in annual show

In unity: IDCO dancers take the final pose in "Selendang Asmara", which was adapted from a tragic Javanese fairy tale, but with a happy ending. "Selendang Asmara" was the final piece in 'Untukmu Indonesiaku' (For you, my Indonesia), the fourth edition of the Indonesia Dance Company's (IDCO) annual program, held on Sept. 27-29 at the Jakarta Playhouse. (JP/Narabeto Korohama)

Six pairs of dancers in vibrant costumes filled the stage with bold movements in an adaptation of the fairy tale, "Jaka Tarub and the Seven Fairies", swirling and lifting while another pair crossed the stage on a bicycle. The Javanese fairy tale is about a village man who steals the shawl of a fairy so she cannot return home, and so ends up marrying the man. The fairy eventually finds her shawl and leaves her human husband. The "Selendang Asmara" (Shawl of Romance) contemporary ballet piece, however, gives a happy ending to the traditional tale through Betawi influences in its costumes as well as its choreography. Frollick of fairies: Indonesia Dance Company (IDCO) dancers perform a scene in "Selendang Asmara", a contemporary ballet adaptation of the Javanese fairy tale, "Jaka Tarub and the Seven Fairies". (JP/Narabeto ...