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Answering burning questions about disabilities

Anselmo Jason

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Wed, January 1, 2020  /  03:01 pm
Answering burning questions about disabilities

Ask us anything: Presidential special staff member Angkie Yudistia and pianist Ananda Sukarlan share their experiences living with disabilities during a seminar at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. (The Australian Embassy/-)

People with disabilities answer all kinds of questions about their lives during a recent seminar at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. Society has become more inclusive of those with disabilities. The disabled are no longer the outcasts they used to be and a good majority of these people have achieved just as much if not more than the nondisabled. They show that disabilities do not hinder them from contributing to society. How they live their lives is something that nondisabled people may be curious about. Their conditions have made significant changes to their lives, changes that most nondisabled people could not begin to imagine. Nondisabled people have a lot of questions, but most of the time they are afraid to ask them because they do not want to offend those with disabilities. Fortunately, the Australian Embassy recently held a seminar that allowed people t...