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No fun: Popstars choose day jobs over a challenging career

Raka Ibrahim

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Thu, February 25, 2021  /  04:00 pm
No fun: Popstars choose day jobs over a challenging career

With the music industry brought to a standstill during the pandemic, singer-songwriter Lala Karmela decided to try working in an office for the first time. (Courtesy of Lala Karmela/Lala Karmela)

For rock band Seurieus, the end came quick. “You get on stage, play the same songs, then you go home,” recalled Dinar Hidayat, their guitarist. “You forget to ask your bandmates how they’re doing. You forget that they’re your friends, and that you’ve fought for this for years. We didn’t realize that we were slowly losing ourselves.”   In 2008, just after the release of their fourth album Serdadu Rock, vocalist Candil suddenly announced his exit. “We didn’t stop to empathize with Candil. All we knew was, we were at the peak of our career,” Ramah recalled, ruefully. “Seurieus was touring constantly, playing at least four times a week. Some of us had mortgages and bought cars. This was a disaster.” As gig offers stopped and Candil refused to return, financial ruin loomed for the members. At the time,...