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Ten Indonesian travelers who may inspire your next trip

Mayzura Munaf
Mayzura Munaf

A high school graduate rejoicing in her gap year as a dancer, food-enthusiast and avid explorer of stand-up comedies.

Jakarta  /  Mon, November 21, 2016  /  11:34 am
Ten Indonesian travelers who may inspire your next trip

Expand your horizons with these local travel influencers who will give you the final touches that you need to boost your mundane itineraries. (Shutterstock/File)

You’re already set to leave in two days to Labuan Bajo in West Flores; you've packed all your belongings except for your shoes and checked on your friends to see if they’ve all paid you for the boat that you rented. All done. Yet the air around you seems to be blowing hot and cold. What if things aren’t going to turn out as fun as planned?

No worries, it will. Expand your horizons with these local travel influencers who will give you the final touches that you need to boost your mundane itineraries. Not only would you want to imitate every single bit of their travel plans, but after looking through their dynamic and nomadic ventures, you would probably want to switch your life with theirs.

Here are finest bunch of 10 travel bloggers I would most definitely want to exchange lives with, preferably right now.

Pergi Dulu


A photo posted by @PergiDulu (@pergidulu) on

Written by an adorably married couple of freelance travel journalists, Adam and Susan takes readers along their vibrant, nomadic lives one blog post at a time. Pergi Dulu reviews eateries, places to stay and tourist spots with downright honesty, paying attention to every little detail they see that can either enhance or perhaps devalue one’s experience. Their latest blogpost, “Travelling to South America: Safe or Not?” is a must-read for prospective travelers.

Marischka Prudence

Starting off as a Metro TV hard-news reporter, Prue encountered a change of heart when she was assigned to travel documentaries. Now she runs her own travel blog, with more than 80,000 followers on Instagram. With recently added English translations, her stories are told through fun-packed itineraries and stunning photographs, making readers wish that they were the ones free-diving under Keramat Cave, or staying in the Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge in South Africa.

Wira Nurmansyah


A photo posted by Wira Nurmansyah (@wiranurmansyah) on

As a full-time telecom engineer, Wira manages to slip travel blogging into his life. He passes down wise words of technical wisdom about photography, like what lighting is best for landscape shots or whether to choose a mirrorless camera. Also an experienced hiker, Wira once told his list of hiking mistakes that were all committed in the mountain climbing scene of the 2012 film 5 cm. One of which was wearing jeans – an absolute no-no because jeans gets wet, heavy and inefficient for climbing.

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Whatever Backpacker


A photo posted by Mochamad Takdis (@takdos) on

Also known as Adis or Takdos, Whatever Backpacker writes with a breath of comedy about his budget travels around the globe, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself chuckling in the midst of reading his experience of being forced to stuff 15 backpackers into a small-capacity Daihatsu Luxio in East Kalimantan. There’s always some kind of wild incident that happens on his travels, not to mention his wild dream to become the country's tourism minister in 2020.

Trinity Traveler


A photo posted by Trinity (@trinitytraveler) on

Author of 13 best-selling books, Trinity calls herself “The Naked Traveller” as a jocular slip-up from the Bahasa Indonesia term, nekad, which means reckless. Written with utmost candidness, Trinity does not only boast about her many experiences when sharing globe-trotting ventures, she also reveals the history and heritage of places in a lighthearted way. Her travel mishaps are very gripping and hilarious to read: One of them is about having to travel with a fussy, troublesome beauty pageant winner who insistently wore heels while trekking, until she broke them. How tragic.



A photo posted by Alexander Thian (@amrazing) on

Scrolling through Amrazing, or Alexander Thian’s Instagram feed, is a pleasant, meditative visual journey and the same feeling arises when reading his stories of Hokkaido or Amsterdam, to which he adds light humor. Aside from his breathtaking photographs and travel chronicles, Alexander devotes his blog to highlight real stories of people he encountered on his trips. As he once said: “A human with all of his or her stories is sometimes far more interesting than the destination itself.”

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The Travel Junkie

Having already won multiple awards, The Travel Junkie, Bowo Hartonto, still admits in his “70 reasons to not date a travel blogger” that people who work like him would rather spend US$1,000 or more on a trip to eastern Indonesia than on a purse for their loved ones. Very romantic. He has recently explored the Terawang Caves of Blora, Central Java, and is now bound for Japan, according to his Twitter bio. At the end of his all blog posts Bowo, who is deeply concerned for the environment, reminds readers to travel with sustainability: “Please leave no trash behind and take only memories, photos and videos.”

Discover Your Indonesia


A photo posted by Firsta - Indonesian (@hellofirsta) on

Written solely by Yogyakarta-based Firsta, Discover Your Indonesia revolves around guides, listings and recommendations across the tropical archipelago and is aimed at maximizing the reader’s experience when he or she travels to a particular place in Indonesia. Stories are told more as very revealing and helpful travel articles that can automatically be valuable sources to mimic as official trip itineraries for prospective travelers.



A photo posted by Herdiana Surachman (@herdianahs) on

Deluxshionist, written by Herdiana Surachman, takes his travels to a more luxurious level, as he reviews high-end restaurants and hotels around the globe. Lately he has been very centered on trips in Indonesia. Eager travelers in search for a more lavishing experience should definitely look into it. He has quite a classy, fashion-forward sense of style when dressing himself – an indicator of his great taste in everything.

Kadek Arini


A photo posted by Kadek Arini Gayatri (@kadekarini) on

Kadek Arini started off as naive, clueless 18-year-old who went abroad for the first time with a friend to Hong Kong without an itinerary; all that she knew was that there was a Disneyland there. Ever since she came across a suspicious stranger who educated her about where and what to do in Hong Kong, a passion to travel ignited within her. Now, Kadek has more than 56,000 followers on Instagram and 500,000 page views of her blog. Recently, she has underwent a solo travel challenge in China with both adventures and misadventures – she accidentally took the wrong train for a ride of 10 long hours.


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