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Top 10 tourist attractions in Sumbawa

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Jakarta  /  Sun, June 25, 2017  /  04:00 pm
Top 10 tourist attractions in Sumbawa

Cultural heritage – Female weavers in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, produce hand-woven textiles or tenun using traditional weaving equipment. (JP/Panca Nugraha)

On the eastern part of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), lies Sumbawa Island, which consists of four regencies and two cities. Sumbawa itself is still relatively unknown to tourists, but this place has so many beautiful sites scattered around the island. Here are 10 of Sumbawa's must-visit tourist attractions:

Moyo Island

Moyo Island is occupied by the Amanwana luxury resort. The island itself has its own natural wonders and offers plenty of outdoor activities.

Mata Jitu Waterfall

The most famous waterfall located on Moyo Island is the Mata Jitu Waterfall. It is located in the middle of a forest and belongs to the Oiramu hamlet region. To preserve the waterfall, it's prohibited to swim in the pool. However, there’s a special spring for visitors who want to swim.

Ai Manis Beach

Still on Moyo Island, Ai Manis Beach is known for its underwater plants that remain untouched by tourists. Those who prefer less crowded beaches than the ones on Bali or Lombok can come to Ai Manis Beach and go snorkeling, diving and even camping.

Gili Keramat and Gili Bedil

Those who love island-hopping need to visit these two small islands called Gili Keramat and Gili Bedil. They are located within the area of Labuhan Padi village and are known for the picturesque views of their underwater park.

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Agal Waterfall

Agal Waterfall is located in Alas district, 23 kilometers from Poto Tano Port in West Sumbawa. The exact location of this waterfall is on the back of the mountain of the same name. It takes two hours of hiking to reach this place and since the waterfall is not yet fully developed as a tourist attraction you will get that raw nature feeling upon arrival.

Aik Renung Site

The Aik Renung Site is the first archaeological site in Sumbawa regency where seven sarcophaguses were found. On the lining of each stone tombstone, there were carvings of masks, monitor lizards and female figures. These carvings are similar to the ones found on other sarcophaguses in Besuki, Sulawesi, Sumba and Bali.

Bungin Island

Bungin Island is located in Alas district, about 70 kilometers from Sumbawa Besar city, and has earned the title as the world’s most dense island since more than 14,000 people are found on every square kilometer. If it’s seen from the air, this island is nothing but buildings with no space left for trees to grow. What’s more unique, the majority of the inhabitants are Bugis and Mandar tribespeople from Sulawesi.

Dalam Loka Old Castle

When we talk about rumah panggung (wooden-stilt houses), Dalam Loka Old Castle is definitely the biggest one in the world. Located in the center of Sumbawa Besar, this building represents the long history of the development of Sumbawa. Built within the period ofrom1883 to 1931 under Sultan Muhammad Syah III, the castle served as the royal palace. A professional will introduce you to the inner parts of the castle on a guided tour.

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Kencana Beach

Physically speaking, Kencana Beach, located 11 kilometers from Sumbawa Besar city center, has the shape of a curved bay with two different sceneries on either end. At the left end, there are trees with a white sandy beach, while at the other end is a view of picturesque corals.

Saleh Bay

Most of the small tropical islands in Sumbawa regency are located in Saleh Bay, which makes it an ideal destination for island-hopping. Apart from being a tourist destination, Saleh Bay also contributes to the export sector through fishing. (asw)

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