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Jakpost guide to Pasar Modern BSD City

Jessicha Valentina and Ezaridho Ibnutama

The Jakarta Post

Serpong, Tangerang  /  Sat, November 18, 2017  /  12:02 pm
Jakpost guide to Pasar Modern BSD City

Pasar Modern BSD City in Serpong, Banten (JP/Jessicha Valentina)

Only a handful of farmers’ markets are as organized as Pasar Modern BSD City in Serpong, Banten.

Easy to navigate, the traditional market comprises three zones: the outer zone that houses cafes, convenience stores and restaurants; the middle zone that offers oddities, clothing stores and more restaurants; and the inner zone, where the real market lies.

Pasar Modern BSD City's innermost zone is home to the actual market.Pasar Modern BSD City's innermost zone is home to the actual market. (JP/Jessicha Valentina)

Those wanting to know the ins and outs of Pasar Modern BSD City may have a look at the information below.

How to get there

From the busy streets of Jakarta, visitors can hop on the train from Tanah Abang Station and hop off at Rawa Buntu Station. From the station, one can use ride-hailing apps, such as Go-Jek, Grab or Uber, to get to Pasar Modern BSD City.

What to wear

Given the lack of air condition as you walk past the food stands inside Pasar Modern BSD City, it is recommended to wear shorts, a T-shirt and slippers.

What to do

Grocery shopping is clearly a must-do at Pasar Modern BSD City. However, let’s leave that for the next section.

Bogasari Baking Center is situated on the second floor of the Puspita baking supplies shop. Bogasari Baking Center is situated on the second floor of the Puspita baking supplies shop. (JP/Jessicha Valentina)

In addition to grocery shopping, Pasar Modern BSD City is a must-visit spot for aspiring bakers, as it is home to the Bogasari Baking Center.

Situated on the second floor of the Puspita baking shop, those wanting to be the next Martha Stewart may sign up for baking classes, including courses on martabak (stuffed fried pancake), cupcakes and bread. Furthermore, the baking center offers intensive training courses that earn you an official certificate at the end.

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What to buy

For the residents of BSD City, the market is recognized as the go-to place for fresh poultry, meats, fruits and vegetables. However, those looking for baking supplies may drop by the Puspita shop. Here, aspiring bakers can find equipment and ingredients, including cake pans, knives, mixers as well as margarine, cheeses, milk and different types of flour.

Meanwhile, at the center, visitors will notice that Pasar Modern BSD City is more than a farmers’ market, as it also offers batik clothing, pajamas and Muslim wear.

A customized bag from Craftana A customized bag from Craftana (JP/Jessicha Valentina)

Among the sellers, visitors will find Craftana, a shop specializing in handcrafted goods. Open from Thursday to Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Craftana offers customized souvenirs and bags with prices starting from Rp 15,000 (US$1.10) per piece for a minimum of 250.

In the outermost zone, Bags Original sells authentic branded bags, such as Coach and Kate Spade.

Those looking for organic food may have a look at Organic Natura. Situated in the outermost zone, the shop offers various organic products, including biscuits, cookies, jams and flour.

What to eat

Although Pasar Modern BSD City was designed as a farmers’ market, the place is also recognized as a culinary spot.

Visitors to Pasar Modern BSD City can discover coffee shops, snacks shops and restaurants.

Coffee lovers may stop off at either Kong Djie Coffee or Rosso Micro Roastery.

Founded in 1943, Kong Djie Coffee offers Belitung-style coffee with milk, while Rosso Micro Roastery serves the usual piccolo, latte and cappuccino. At Rosso Micro Roastery, coffee connoisseurs can also buy single origin and house blend coffees.

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Those looking for a heavy breakfast may check Bakmi Medan Kebon Jahe and Bakmi Bebe. Both eateries serve noodles with pork toppings. However, Bakmi Medan Kebon Jahe specializes, as its name implies, in Medan-style noodles with red char siew (sliced barbecue pork). Meanwhile, Bakmi Bebe offers noodles with char siew and pork ribs.

Halal noodles with chicken are also available in the outer zone of Pasar Modern BSD City.

Pasar Modern BSD City also offers a plethora of snacks, including Serabi Notosuman, Roti Nogat and Pisang Goreng Sukahati.

Originating from Solo, Central Java, Serabi Notosuman offers serabi (rice flour pancake with coconut milk). Expect to see a queue in front of Serabi Notosuman, especially after lunchtime.


A post shared by Roti Nogat (@rotinogat) on

Meanwhile, Roti Nogat serves grilled bread with various fillings, including nogat (peanuts with mocha cream), srikaya (coconut custard) and meses (rice chocolate) with prices starting at Rp 12,000 for a quarter portion.

Banana fritters are on offer at Pisang Goreng Sukahati, which serves a one-of-a-kind banana fritter with srikaya.

In addition to Pisang Goreng Sukahati, Golden Egg Bakery is among the popular snack corners in the outer zone of Pasar Modern BSD City.

Moving on to the middle zone, visitors can try, again, a plethora of noodle shops, varying from Bangka-style to chicken noodles, Soto Kudus May-May and more.

However, if you find yourself in the middle zone of Pasar Modern BSD City make sure you look for Pastellia. Open daily from 5 a.m. until noon, the shop offers a plethora of traditional snacks, varying from pastel (fried pastry with rice noodles and egg filling) and risoles (Indonesian fried spring rolls) to lapis Surabaya (Surabaya-style layer cake) and siew mai (steamed Chinese dumplings).


  • Make sure to come well before 3 p.m., as most of the shops close at 3 p.m.
  • Beware of your belongings and avoid flashy jewelry.
  • If you decide to join courses at Bogasari Baking Center, it is recommended to contact the office prior to coming in. (kes)

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