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Iranian cyclist wins Tour de Singkarak 2017


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Jakarta  /  Tue, November 28, 2017  /  04:31 pm
Iranian cyclist wins Tour de Singkarak 2017

Illustration of a cycling race. (Shutterstock/File)

Iranian cyclist Khalil Khorshid of Tabriz Shahrdary Team won the Tour de Singkarak (TdS) 2017 competition. The ninth, and the last, lap was held on Nov. 26 with the finish line was located in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra.

Khorshid finished the race in 30:12:18 and took home a total prize of one hundred million rupiahs.

“I’m very happy that I could earn the best result, especially since this is my first time participating in TdS. The public welcome has been amazing, insya Allah (God’s willing) I’ll come back next year,” told Khorshid.

Apart from earning the yellow jersey from winning the race, he also took home the first spot for the climbing category (polka dot jersey) with 92 points.

Moreover, his team, Tabriz Shahrdary Team was also crowned as the best team and took home a total prize of 120 million rupiahs.

For the sprint category, the winner was German cyclist Robert Muller of Embrace The world Cycling Germany team who collected 77 points. Muller also won the first and third laps of the race.

“A pretty good result at TdS, I’m happy with what I’ve achieved […] I’ll try to return next year,” Muller said.

In the category of the best Indonesian cyclist (red and white jersey), Jamal Hibatulloh of KFC Cycling Team was crowned as the winner. Jamal who is from Sumedang, West Java finished the race in 30:24:43. He also took the sixth spot in the general ranking ad was the first person who finished the fourth lap of the race.

“I’m very impressed with the result of this year’s TdS, especially since I made it into the top 10 of general ranking,” said Jamal.

TdS was first held in 2009 and it has become a mandatory championship in Asia that is able to attract more than one million visitors. In 2013, Amauri Sports Organization (ASO), the committee of Tour de France, recommended TdS as a major race in the Asian region.

Based on the number of visitors, TdS takes the fifth spot with 550,000 people right after Santos Tour Down Under with 750.000 people, Vuelta an Espana with five million people, Giro d’Italia with eight million people and the in the first spot is Tour de France with 12 million people.

This year marked the ninth anniversary of the event.

Throughout the nine years of TdS, it has resulted in the positive growth in the province’s tourism and hospitality industry.

“In 2014, there were 274 hotels and 5,588 homestay rooms. In 2016 the number went up to 339 hotels and 7,799 homestay rooms,” said West Sumatra deputy governor Nasrul Abit.

Below is the final result of Tour De Singkarak 2017


General Ranking (Yellow jersey)

1. Khalil Khorshid (Tabriz Shahrdary Team) 30:‪12:18‬

2. Daniel Whitehouse (CCN Cycling Team) 30:‪13:06‬

3. Yonnatta Alejandro Monsalve (Qinghai Tianyoude Team) 30:‪21:36‬


Sprint Category (Green jersey)

1. Robert Muller (Embrace The World Cycling) 77 points

2. Imam Arifin (KFC Cycling Team) 57 points

3. Daniel Whitehouse (CCN Cycling Team) 51 points


Climb category (Polkadot jersey)

1. Khalil Khorshid (Tabriz Shahrdary Team) 92 points

2.Wilmar Jahir Munos Peres (Sapura Pro Cycling) 71 points

3. Loic Desriac (Bikelife-Dong Nai) 51 points


Best Indonesian cyclists (Red and white jersey)

1. Jamal Hibatulloh (KFC Cycling Team) 30:24:43

2. Agung Ali Sahbana (KFC Cycling Team) 30:29:58

3. Abdul Soleh (BRCC Banyuwangi)  30:32:46


The best team

1. Tabriz Shahrdary Team 91:‪03:00‬

2. KFC Cycling Team 91:25:20

3. Sapura Pro Cycling Team 91:28:32