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Sawahlunto celebrates 129th anniversary


Pesona Indonesia

Jakarta  /  Tue, November 28, 2017  /  08:38 am
Sawahlunto celebrates 129th anniversary

Participant walking on the main road Sawahlunto city during the Sawahlunto International Songket Carnival on August 2017. ( )

The city of Sawahlunto in West Sumatra is celebrating its 129th anniversary and to commemorate the occasion, the mining town is hosting a multicultural festival that runs from Nov. 25 to Dec. 1.

The festival features traditional art from 10 Kenagarianada in Sawahluto, performances from dance studios and schools, art groups from ethnic communities such as Batak community, Java community,  Sunda community, Chinese community and Minang community.

Competitions held here include Lagu Minang Festival Competition that brings up the theme of “Sawahlunto Punyo Carito.” The winner will bring home a total prize of 36 million rupiahs.

For sports activities, there are Sawahlunto Trail Adventure, Sawahlunto Night Run, Sawahlunto Paradigling Competition, Sawahlunto Mountain Bike, soccer Fun Fly Paradigling, Tabligh Akbar, Sawahlunto Bodybuilding and Body Contest, Festival Burung Berkicau, Sawahlunto Fun Dog Race, Pacu Jawi and Sawahlunto Derby.

Additionally, Utopia band from Jakarta is set to perform on the closing party that will be held at PT BA Ombilin soccer field.

In 2015, there were 650,000 until 700,000 visits to Sawhlunto up until the month of October. Last year, Sawahlunto welcomed 764,000 people until the month of October and for this year, the number can reach one million people.

These numbers are the result of huge events held by Sawahlunto such as Sawahlunto International Songket Carnival (SISCa) and Sawahlunto International Music Festival (SIMFest). (asw)