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Hiking sandals not for hiking

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-  /  Sun, November 4, 2018  /  08:07 pm
Hiking sandals not for hiking

Hiking sandals, unlike their name, is definitely not for hiking. (Shutterstock/Baanrukbua)

Hiking sandals, unlike their name is definitely not for hiking.

Galih Donikara, an Eiger Adventure Service Team staff member told on Monday that although hiking sandals are safer and more comfortable than flip flops, it is not for hiking.

“Hiking sandals are for when you’re already on the mountain. For example, after hiking from the bottom and arriving at the base camp, you can change to hiking sandals and set up your tent,” said Galih.

As for the hiking part, he added that shoes befitting the terrain must be worn, pointing out that shoes designed for tropical areas are different from those for subtropical areas.

“The sole of shoes designed for rocky subtropical mountains won’t be able to grasp muddy soil [in the tropics],” he said.

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Galih recommended jungle boots for tropical mountains for its protection and ventilation especially in a watery field. They are also suitable for hiking because they protect ankles from stinging critters. As for the sole, the wide panama sole is good for slippery terrains.

He added that trekkers or mountain climbers should find out about the terrain, saying wearing the appropriate shoes according to the terrain should be prioritized. (iru/mut)