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France's Lille: The perfect place for a getaway

Zhang Xingjian

China Daily

 /  Sat, December 22, 2018  /  07:02 am
France's Lille: The perfect place for a getaway

Visitors can discover the magnificent flavor of Lille’s architecture as the enjoy the city’s stunning and unique buildings. (China Daily/Zhang Xingjian)

The biggest city in northern France, Lille is the perfect city for a romantic French holiday.

The city is nestled close to the Belgium border and is the primary city of France's Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. With access to three European hubs, Lille is 35 minutes from Brussels, one hour from Paris, and 80 minutes from London.

Lille is characterized by Flemish-style buildings and red-brick structures, which are uncommon in France. Renowned as the Capital des Flandres, Lille is famed for its culture and Flemish roots.

Lille is home to many museums and art galleries that reveal its rich culture and history, while most of its churches are Roman Catholic, many of them historical monuments with incredible architecture and magnificent interiors that will catch your eye.

When wandering around the streets of the old city, Le Vieux Lille, a showcase of the city’s French and Flemish architecture, you will be dazzled by stunning and unique buildings.

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The old city is lined with cobbled alleyways, tall red-brick buildings and golden sandstone houses, and you will also encounter some traditional boutiques and up-market shops.

In 2004 Lille was elected European Capital of Culture and since then the scheme Lille 3000 has pushed to promote the city’s cultural heritage and contemporary artists through regular events and festivals.

"Many people think Paris is all when paying a visit to France, but that's not true. Lille is an open, colorful and dynamic city, and many of my friends really enjoy the great city atmosphere, passionate and humorous locals here,” the tourist guide told China Daily.

"Lille is an ideal place to settle in France," the guide added.