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Ekologika: The rise of ecotourism

Isabelle Harris

The Jakarta Post

Bogor, West Java  /  Thu, February 6, 2020  /  04:05 pm
Ekologika: The rise of ecotourism

All wood: The verandah of the Portibi Farm and Lodges Ekologika in Bogor, West Java. (

Just south of Jakarta is a lodge for people to find peace, tranquility and an escape from the bustling and hectic vibe of the megalopolis. A bumpy ride over a cobbled road leads to farm buildings nestled among the trees, so full of wood it may as well have been a cluster of trees itself. Dim light (to keep away the insects, the staff said), wood furnishing and polished concrete floors filled the lounge where the few guests sat chatting over books and cigarettes. “No bad drinks on the mountain,” the owner Jocean declared as he served the guests. Later, staff led guests by torchlight to their modified leuit (Sundanese rice barns), out among the trees, without another person in sight or motorbike engine in earshot. A Sundanese rice barn (JP/Isabelle Harris) In the early morning, the guests woke to a forest full of trees, shrubs, and bugs. Over a freshly grown a...