North Jakarta footbridge tangled with electricity cables

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Jakarta   /  Fri, September 7, 2018  /  05:35 pm

Electricity cables are seen entangling a pedestrian bridge connecting Kampung Bandan railway station with Jl. Gunung Sahari in North Jakarta on Sept. 6. ( Ramadhan D)

Residents around Kampung Bandan railway station have said they were afraid to cross the pedestrian bridge connecting the station with Jl. Gunung Sahari in North Jakarta as over 10 electricity cables entangle the bridge.

Ayu, a local resident, said she was afraid of being electrocuted when crossing the bridge.

"[I cross this bridge] four times a week. I never touch [the metal parts of the bridge] because I am afraid [of being electrocuted]," she said as quoted by

Supri, another resident, said the the entangled bridge had been a regular sight for residents for the past year.

"I cross [this bridge] every day. Since the first time I crossed the bridge, [the cables] were already there," he said.

According to, the cables are fastened to the bridge's railings with ropes.

The bridge does not have a roof, so the risk of electrocution becomes higher when it rains.

Besides the hazardous state of the electricity cables, the bridge also shows signs of negligence such as missing bolts and peeling floors. (gis)