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Trend alert: Next generation blue wine

Intan Tanjung
Intan Tanjung

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Mon, June 20, 2016  /  03:59 pm
Trend alert: Next generation blue wine

Confused about which wine to choose? Why not try blue wine instead? (Courtesy of Gik/-)

Ditch your rosé because electric blue wine is set to become summer's next popular drink.

No, it’s not liquor or blue curacao. It’s purely vino.

Gik, the brand name of the drink, is the creation of six Spanish winemakers from the Basque region. It is sweet and served chilled, according to Eater, and is a result of a collaboration with the University of the Basque Country and Azti Tecnalia, the food research department of the Basque government.

The wine breaks all the rules of winemaking, which was the aim of the creators, who wanted to set themselves free from wine-tasting rules and guidelines.

To craft the wine, the creators sourced grapes from vineyards south of Madrid, and mixed undisclosed varieties of red and white, without going through the aging process, Time reported.

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Most wine drinkers know that the red color of the beverage comes from grape skin. However, Gik’s blue color and flavor are purely a result of food technology. The winemakers mixed the pigment found in grape skin — or anthocyanin — and plant-based indigo color extract to the wine, plus a non-caloric sweetener as the final touch, according to Eater.

The best thing is that the wine is very affordable at just €10 (US$11). But unfortunately, it will only be available in European countries such as Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany, before hitting the US sometime in the future. (asw)