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Most appetizing cooking shows you should watch

Ni Nyoman Wira
Ni Nyoman Wira

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sun, July 31, 2016  /  11:20 am
Most appetizing cooking shows you should watch

Cooking shows provide fun as well as useful entertainment for beginners and advanced cooking lovers alike. (Shutterstock/-)

There are many cooking shows on television that offer more than just new recipes and useful tips, but also entertaining competition drama and new dining destinations. Here are five cooking shows that beginners and advanced cooking lovers alike are sure to enjoy.

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course

Renowned British chef Gordon Ramsay is famous for his easily enranged, explosive and critical comments on cooking competition TV show Hell’s Kitchen. However, you will not find that hot-tempered portrayal on Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course. Brushing off all of the complexities of cooking, Ramsay guides viewers in making modern, delicious dishes in a simple way, such as chicken with garlic and chestnut stuffing, spicy pancakes and other tasty dishes. During this show, he also can be found sharing tips for the audience to apply, such as how to choose pasta, cooking with chili, cooking delicious food on a budget and other useful tips

Cutthroat Kitchen

Hosted by award-winning TV personality and food show presenter, Alton Brown, Cutthroat Kitchen is a cooking competition between chefs with some twists. At first, the participants are given US$25,000 that they can use to save themselves or annoy other participants as Brown gladly gives culinary sabotages in the middle of the competition in exchange for the money. These sabotages could be in the form of forcing a participant to cook in a mini-kitchen, walk in a cake box, cook in a rotating station and other activities that may look ridiculous yet entertaining for the audience at home as they watch the participants struggle to win.

Man Vs Child

What if children compete with more-experienced chefs in a cooking competition? It seems impossible, but Man Vs Child proves that five “child cooking prodigies” will astonish you with their cooking ability. Every episode consists of several stages where one professional chef has to compete with the prodigies, who each possess different specialtues in cooking. The prodigies in the second season are Holden, 15, Cloyce,14, Emmalee,13, Estie, 8, Isiah, 10, Olivia, 11, and Zion, 10. Depite looking innocent on the outside, these prodigies can be fierce and should not be underestimated.

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Rasa Sayange

Broadcast on a local TV station and hosted by renowned chef Rudy Choirudin, Rasa Sayange serves extensive and delicious selections of Indonesian traditional dishes. Starting fromwarm Indonesian soups to grills, snacks and steamed dishes, some of the flavorful recipes that you can try at home are Kari Ayam Jawa Timur (East Java Chicken Curry), Bothok Tempe, Lumpia Udang Mayonnaise (Shrimp Spring Rolls with Mayonnaise) and other tasty Indonesian dishes. Sometimes the show also combines Indonesian dishes with international flavors, such as Sushi Pecel Ayam and Frittata Bayam.

Chef’s Table

Aired on a local TV station, Chef’s Table offers high-end, mouthwatering dishes created by Chef Chandra Yudaswara. In every episode, popular Indonesian celebrities are invited to taste the chef’s delicious recipes and give their opinions about the foods. Sometimes Chef Chandra will also visit some of the most renowned restaurants in Indonesia to cook with other chefs and try their dishes. Some of the delicious dishes on the Chef’s Table are coffee crème brulee, kiwi chocolate meringue with sponge, kiwi & beef salad and other dishes that viewers can also cook themselves at home. (kes)

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