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What no one mentions about vaginal birth

Hello Sehat
Hello Sehat

Hidup Sehat Hidup Bahagia

Jakarta  /  Mon, August 29, 2016  /  02:30 pm
What no one mentions about vaginal birth

Vaginal birth is a natural process; hence, your body can find its own way to recover in time.  (Shutterstock/*)

Expecting a child and giving birth is a remarkable life event that women remember for the rest of their lives. Delivery is a unique experience for every mother and her newborn. Hence, you, as a mother, may have many expectations and will have positive experiences as well.

This article lists five little secrets that people rarely share when discussing vaginal birth.

Secret #1: Bodily waste

While preparing for delivery, you might wonder what else is going to come along with your infant. Evidently, not many books, articles or even your mother mention the unsightly waste that comes out at the same moment you are pushing your baby into the world.

Stool, urine and blood are basic excretions that come along with your baby. However, do not waste your energy being ashamed. This is a completely normal part of natural delivery. Besides, you cannot take any steps to prevent it because you use the same muscles to push out your baby and move your bowels. Luckily, doctors and nurses are used to it and will take care of you anyway. 

Secret #2: Two sensations

Vaginal childbirth or natural childbirth is a type of delivery that brings the sensation of all types of pain. Basically, you will experience two main sensations, which are pain and pressure. When you start pushing, you have delivered pressure to your cervix so that the baby can be carried out. When the baby descends into the birth canal, you will go from experiencing pressure only during contractions to experiencing constant and increasing pressure. It will feel like a strong urge to have a bowel movement as the baby presses down on those same nerves. 

During a vaginal delivery, there is the risk that the skin and tissue around the vagina can stretch and tear as the baby moves through the birth canal. This can lead to extreme pain at the time or lingering pain between the vagina and anus after delivery.

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Secret #3: Continuous inhalation will help

You may find it redundant but breathing truly is a great childbirth technique. Before delivery, practicing breathing will help you get through the contractions and enhance your ability to stay calm between pain. 

Pay attention to daily breathing methods that make you calm. Doing yoga is another great option to prepare for delivery. Also, you can practice breathing with your partner. They can help breathe along with you. Try to breathe with a wide-open mouth and throat; your body will physically and mentally benefit by being softer and more open during delivery.

Secret #4: Move around

Normally, you see people deliver their child while lying in bed. However, it is not the best position for mother or child. Moving around or standing upright during labor has a lot of benefits. Movement and positioning in labor work magic. Movement enhances comfort by stimulating the receptors in the brain that decrease pain perception. 

The mother-to-be should adopt an upright position that makes her feel comfortable and eases the pain of contractions. Upright positions include standing, leaning forward, squatting, sitting and lying sideways. Each of these positions can be used in the first and second stages of labor. Depending on your condition and doctor's directions, you can adopt the position that suits you best.

Secret #5: Shorter recovery time

For every mother-to-be, going through labor and having a vaginal birth is a long process that can be physically grueling and tough. However, undeniably, one of the best benefits of a vaginal birth is that it requires a shorter recovery time.

Vaginal birth is a natural process; hence, your body can find its own way to recover in time. Normally, a woman choosing a vaginal delivery will need between 24 and 48 hours of recovery time. If you feel better, you may choose to leave the hospital sooner than the expected time period. Many people choose to stay at home for a natural delivery so that they can enjoy precious moments with their child and family.

There is more to tell about this wonderful part of life. But these hidden facts about vaginal delivery will provide you with a more complete picture when welcoming your little one into the world. (kes)

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