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FBI exec urges users to cover up laptop webcams with tape

Alfred Bayle News Network

 /  Tue, September 20, 2016  /  01:32 pm
FBI exec urges users to cover up laptop webcams with tape

A person uses a laptop and a smartphone. (Shutterstock/-)

These days cybersecurity is no longer just a must for big companies and high-profile individuals. Because of this, FBI’s director is urging people to take precautions and cover up their laptop webcams to prevent spying.

FBI Director James Comey spoke in a conference at the Center of Strategic and International Studies recently where he mentioned shielding the webcam on his personal laptop with a piece of tape, reports TechRadar.

Not too long ago, a photo of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that not only has he taped his webcam but the laptop’s microphone as well.

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Scary as it may sound, it has become increasingly easy for hackers to hijack onboard webcams and microphones in laptops to spy on their users while they are connected to a network.

Director Comey admitted that he knew he was being mocked for revealing his precautions at the time, but he’s not stepping back from his advice. He compares taping webcams as a security measure similar to locking car doors.

A piece of tape might be a little too crude for those who own nice-looking laptops, so perhaps a sticker of one’s favorite anime or cartoon character would be preferable.