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Slank launches new album 'Palalopeyank'

Ni Nyoman Wira
Ni Nyoman Wira

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Wed, February 8, 2017  /  01:22 pm

Indonesia's legendary rock band Slank launched their newest album on Feb. 7. Dubbed Palalopeyank, the album is dedicated to their guitarist, Abdee Negara, who was absent during recording due to kidney failure.

Aside from recent social issues in Indonesia, Palalopeyank also talks about the environment. “We talk about Bali […], there’s also one track titled in the Lombok language ['Tampiasih'] and the song talks about human trafficking,” said the band's drummer, Bimbim, to The Jakarta Post.

“We’re not inspired by the regional elections,” said Bimbim. “But if there are songs that fit the current situation, it's just a coincidence.”

Meanwhile, Slank's guitarist Ridho said that this time he had infused a new flavor into the album. "I've always been partly influenced by AC/DC and Slank's past albums have had none of this style," he said during a press conference at the band’s fan base on Gang Potlot III, South Jakarta.

Consisting of 12 tracks, Slank have also collaborated with young Indonesian singer Wizzy on the song titled "Terlalu Pahit" (Too Bitter), which may remind fans of one of Slank's flagship songs "Terlalu Manis" (Too Sweet) from the Kampungan album released in 1991. 

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Palalopeyank is Slank's 22nd album and, for its launch, the band will tour 22 cities across Indonesia.

“It’s been a long time since the last time we toured. We once encountered a problem with the anti-smoking regulation [with regard to sponsorship], so we stopped touring for several years,” Bimbim explained, adding that they had also encountered permit problems in the past. However, now concert permits were easier to obtain, Bimbim said, “Now that our president [Joko Widodo] is a Slanker, we don’t have that kind of [permit] problem anymore.”

Slank is known as a band with a solid fan base in and outside Indonesia, as Slankers are widely spread through the United States thanks to their US and Europe tour back in 2008. As the band matures, they are not losing old fans, but creating new ones. Slank's bassist, Ivanka, noted the fan regeneration, “Older Slankers, who are about 30 years old by now, have influenced the younger ones. That's how it happens."

The band is known to not only accommodate fans in their famed Gang Potlot III headquarters but also to nurture and educate Slankers in various issues. With SFC (Slankers Fans Club) chapters around Indonesia, Slank urge their fans to care about the environment and also learn how to be good organization members. Kaka, Slank's vocalist, said, "We encourage them to learn how to live in an organization, make [event] proposals, apply the proposals and share their knowledge with their friends."

Palalopeyank marks the band’s second collaboration with Jagonya Musik & Sports Indonesia (JMSI) as the distributor. The album is available for purchase in KFC outlets for Rp 44,000 (US$3). The digital version is also available on iTunes, Langitmusik, Spotify and YouTube. (asw)