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Why you shouldn't go to work when you're sick

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Jakarta  /  Mon, February 13, 2017  /  04:47 pm
Why you shouldn't go to work when you're sick

Going to the office when you are sick is called 'contagious presenteeism'. (Shutterstock/File)

Whether you’ve caught the common cold, a burning fever or the occasional sore throat, it is better to skip work rather than infect your co-workers with germs.

Dr. Peter McGough, medical director at the University of Washington health clinic in the United States, said, as quote by the Seattle Times, that “if you have a fever over 38 degrees Celsius, or if you’re aching all over, it is a good sign to stay home”.

Going to the office when you are sick is called “contagious presenteeism”, and, according to Bloomberg, it makes “the modern open office plan a breeding ground for catching illnesses”.

Dr. McGough further says that workers experiencing acute symptoms of flu or any other illness need to stay at home because viruses are most contagious at their preliminary stage. However, he also said that “If they cover their mouth and wash their hands, it may be okay.”

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It is even worse for people in the service industry to go to work when they are under the weather, because they could potentially affect the health of their customers and guests.

Dr. McGough believes that those who choose to go to work when they are ill tend to be people with “limited or unpaid sick days,” or people who feel like they will be disappointing their respective coworkers and bosses if they call in sick.

Dr. Jeff Duchin, health officer for Public Health in Seattle and King County in the state of Washington, also recommends self-quarantine during periods of illness and emphasizes the importance of the flu vaccine.

“There are multiple respiratory viruses circulating and your current misery may be due to one of the non-influenza viruses, with the real flu still to come," he added. (nik/kes)

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