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Hari raya recipe: Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta’s 'es yogurt pelangi'

Masajeng Rahmiasri
Masajeng Rahmiasri

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sun, June 25, 2017  /  03:07 pm

After one full day of fasting, one of the most sought-after foods for iftar (breaking the fast) is usually a cold, sweet beverage.

Among various choices available, those looking to make the cold beverage themselves can opt to follow Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta’s es yogurt pelangi (rainbow yogurt ice) recipe. The cold beverage is created with sweet grenadine syrup, milk, yogurt and layers of ice.

“This beverage is a combination of nutritious and delicious foods to be consumed during iftar, mixed with the fruits’ freshness,” Prasetyo Widodo, Chef de Cuisine at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, told The Jakarta Post.

Prasetyo says the beverage was inspired by many people’s choice to have yogurt for breakfast in the morning. He ensures that there is no reason for people to be afraid to consume the drink during iftar.

“I didn’t use lime juice, which is sour. Perhaps it would be okay to use it if it was not for iftar. For those who fast, yogurt is better,” he adds, explaining that plain yogurt could be substituted with other types of yogurt, such as apricot, strawberry or fruit yogurt.

The beverage is best served cold. (kes)

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  • 200 ml fresh milk
  • 20 gr cendol hijau (silky green rice-flour jelly)
  • 20 gr nata de coco
  • 10 gr cincau hitam (black grass jelly)
  • 5 gr basil seeds (biji selasih)
  • 10 gr ripe jack fruit
  • 30 gr plain yogurt
  • 75 ml grenadine syrup
  • 2 gr pandan leaf
  • 50 gr crushed ice


  • Pour grenadine syrup into the serving glass, add 30 grams of crushed ice.
  • Add in this order: cendol hijau, nata de coco, cincau hitam, jack fruit and basil seeds.
  • Apply 20 gram of crushed ice, pour milk into the glass.
  • Scoop yogurt into the glass.
  • Add desired garnishes, such as raspberry and blackcurrant.
  • Place a pandan leaf on top as a finishing touch.

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