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Six tips before a trip to the barbershop

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Jakarta  /  Wed, July 26, 2017  /  05:00 pm
Six tips before a trip to the barbershop

Don’t expect your barber to be a magician. (Shutterstock/-)

Strategizing first on the matter of your haircut could be helpful in avoiding disappointment thanks to an incorrect cut, which could translate into weeks of bad hair. 

There are also some things you can do to make your visit to the barber smoother for you and them.

Bring reference(s)

Bringing along a picture of the style you want would go a long way to helping not only your barber but also yourself. It can be anything from a magazine cut-out to a photo on your phone.

Bumble and Bumble stylist Andrew McCormick told Esquire that bringing along examples won’t offend barbers but instead would be a more efficient way to communicate a vision.

Have realistic expectations

The haircut that you want must be within reason. Don’t expect your barber to be a magician. When you bring along a reference, keep in mind the result won’t be the exact same; this is because of differences in hair type and scalp shape.

McCormick says that at most a barber can create an impression of fullness and provide products to fatten up locks of thinning hair, but don’t expect to suddenly have more hair after coming in. Also, let the barber choose the tools.

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Be patient

J. Clark Walker from Fellow Barber in New York’s West Village told Business Insider that a good barber is usually a busy one and also likes to take their time. 

Sticking to schedule won’t always happen, especially with pickier customers. Also, don’t jump in the chair immediately after the previous client is finished.

It’s also usual to have conversation with the barber while they’re performing their service, but avoid nodding. A clear sign to stop is when the barber has to steady your head.

Hair weight

If you feel your hair is too thick, too heavy or grows out too quickly; McCormick says this is caused by hair being cut too bluntly. Ask for point cut, for use of razors rather than shears so it’ll be a softer cut and remove weight from the interior seamlessly.

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Clean and dry

Make sure your hair is clean, especially when there’s no pre-cut shampoo. Don’t slather your hair with product, just comb it.

McCormick states that some hair weight isn’t apparent until the hair dries and inflates. Don’t leave the barber with wet hair; it’s important to know how your hair will do when it's dry. The barber will trim as necessary if it’s too fluffy.

Take notes

If you want to recreate the look from the way it was after it was freshly styled by the barber, pay attention to your cut. The barber working on your hair is the expert, therefore ask for their process and home tips. Also pay attention to what products or heated tool they use. (dan/kes)

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