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Children learn good behavior from musical films: Psychologist

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Jakarta  /  Sat, November 18, 2017  /  10:05 am
Children learn good behavior from musical films: Psychologist

Derby Romero plays Sadam (left) and Sherina plays herself in 'Petualngan Sherina' (2000). (

There are many ways for children to learn about budi pekerti (education regarding manner). One of them is by watching movies, as it is said to stimulate aural and visual parts of the brain at the same time.

Psychologist Kasandra Putranto explained that both aural and visual stimulation is more effective in delivering positive messages to children compared to using only one or the other.

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Musical films, such as Petualangan Sherina (Sherina’s Adventure), is said to be more effective in improving children’s manners.

“It’s more beneficial because what children see will get into their brains, and they will also listen to songs,” Kasandra told Antara, adding that the stimuli have the ability to enhance children’s vocabulary.

Children can also imitate positive behaviors that the protagonists portray in the movie. Those characters can later be their role models, inspiring the way the children behave on a daily basis.

Kasandra also encouraged parents to be aware of what movies their children are watching, so that they only see movies suitable for their age and that do not contain violence and adult-oriented romance scenes. (wir/kes)