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Balai Pustaka announces future projects

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Wed, April 25, 2018  /  10:06 am
Balai Pustaka announces future projects

State-owned publisher Balai Pustaka has announced several of its projects, such as redesigning products from recording studio Lokananta and publishing the Education and Culture Ministry's research. (Shutterstock/Yulia Grigoryeva)

Chief commissioner of state-owned publisher Balai Pustaka, Hamid Basyaib, has announced several of its projects.

One of them is redesigning products from recording studio Lokananta, with the aim of making it a cultural destination.

Built in 1956, Lokananta in Surakarta, Central Java, is the oldest studio in the country. Currently it houses around 40,000 tapes and vinyl records of great historical value, after having gone through bankruptcy in the 1990s and liquidation in 2004.

Another project from the 110-year-old Balai Pustaka is publishing management books based on the changes carried out by the publisher. The books’ targeted audience is state-owned and private companies, as well as university students.

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Hamid said that Balai Pustaka’s revitalizing efforts had been notable, given that it had suffered losses for 20 years and had not published a single book in 10 years. On Thursday, State-Owned Enterprises Minister Rini Soemarno will review Balai Pustaka’s endeavors.

On Monday, Hilmar Farid, the Education and Culture Ministry’s director general of culture, provided 35 research items to be published by Balai Pustaka. Hamid expressed the hope that this would mark the return of printing the ministry’s official books to the publisher.  

He also said that Balai Pustaka’s Literature Club was gaining popularity. With over 300 members, it will build a special room for the club and add more programs, such as novel writing, poetry appreciation and a book-review contest.

Hamid admitted that Balai Pustaka still faced obstacles, but he felt confident that the publisher was on the right track. (wng)