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Paralympic athlete releases new, wheelchair-friendly ASOS clothing line

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-  /  Fri, July 6, 2018  /  04:06 pm
Paralympic athlete releases new, wheelchair-friendly ASOS clothing line

Paralympic athlete Chloe Ball-Hopkins is pictured here in a jumpsuit she designed with British fashion retailer ASOS for a new clothing line that was created with wheelchair users in mind. (Twitter/chloe_ballhopzy)

British fashion retailer ASOS has begun selling a new line of clothing that has been designed specifically with wheelchair users in mind.

The first piece in the line is a waterproof tie-dye jumpsuit that costs £50 (Rp 950,000). ASOS came together with athlete Chloe Ball-Hopkins to design the jumpsuit, which features an adjustable hood, a longer hem at the back, and soft jersey lining on the inside.

“So over the last several months I have been working with @ASOS to create a fashionable, yet practical waterproof all in one! Not just for people like me in a chair but for anyone. It's about making fashion accessible! So what should be next?!” the Team GB Paralympic athlete and BBC Bristol Sport reporter tweeted about her collaboration with the retailer.

The announcement has been met with praise from the internet, with many commenting that ASOS was being more considerate of people with disabilities.

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“Shopping is something most of us take for granted in terms of representation,” tweeted user Gurls Talk. “Seeing disabled people in the media through campaigns, as actors, singers is so important as it challenges the stigma around disabilities.”

ASOS has been praised before for its commitment to diversity, as it has featured unedited photos of models on the site and displayed the same clothes on people of different sizes, regardless of body type.

It also earned praise from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in mid-June for "leading the charge for compassion in fashion" (

Sophie Bradbury-Cox, a fashion blogger who has spinal muscular atrophy type three, tweeted: “This is so awesome @ASOS! Everything I’m fighting for!! #disabledfashion”.

The Independent quoted Bradbury-Cox as saying, “I started my Instagram account because I wanted to show other disabled people that you can be sitting in a wheelchair and still have your own sense of style.” (sul/mut)