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Crayola, Asos launch makeup crayons for lips, eyes, cheeks

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-  /  Thu, June 7, 2018  /  04:27 pm
Crayola, Asos launch makeup crayons for lips, eyes, cheeks

Crayola has teamed up with Asos, a British online fashion and beauty shop, to create makeup products. (Shutterstock/Casimiro PT)

Putting on makeup has just gotten more fun. Face cream, lipstick and eye shadow these days are coming in more creative forms, from sticks, cushions to crayons. Such forms make application easier and more fun.

On the other hand, certain forms, such as sticks and crayons are versatile, too, suitable to be applied to the lips, under the eyes and on the cheeks.

Gaining popularity among beauty junkies all over the world, many brands are launching new makeup options in crayon form every season. There are also new local brands launching themselves into the market with makeup crayons, making beauty junkies even more excited, and even confused with so many options available.

Aside from new makeup brands surfacing, nonmakeup brands are also entering the beauty market with their fun, innovative products. Crayola, for instance, recently collaborated with Asos, a British online fashion and beauty shop aimed primarily at young adults.

Allure reported that Crayola and Asos has launched a beauty line full of brightly colored makeup and tools. There are more than 50 products, comprising the likes of multicolored mascara, color-changing lipstick and color palettes for the eyes, lips and face. All of them are made of vegan-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients.

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Among the Crayola cosmetic products offered exclusively on Asos are lip, cheek and face crayons in the shapes of Crayola crayons, as well as makeup brushes, mascara and eye shadow palettes in Crayola colors. The colors range from pastel to dark and vivid, allowing users to create looks from subtle to playful.

This collaboration is not Crayola’s first time in makeup. Previously, the iconic art supplies brand best known for its crayons collaborated with Clinique, producing "Chubby Sticks" for lips, with eight shades on offer. (mut)