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‘YG Future Strategy Office’ to spill agency’s secrets, bare its dark side

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The Korea Herald/Asia News Network

 /  Wed, October 3, 2018  /  09:02 am
‘YG Future Strategy Office’ to spill agency’s secrets, bare its dark side

The upcoming sitcom 'YG Future Strategy Office', co-produced by Netflix and YG Entertainment, centers on Seungri of Big Bang. (YG Entertainment via The Korea Herald/File)

In real life, Seungri of Big Bang is not just a successful soloist but also an entrepreneur with multiple streams of income. But in the upcoming sitcom YG Future Strategy Office, co-produced by Netflix and YG Entertainment, he gets a demotion. In his new role, the singer struggles to restore the agency to its bygone glory days, starting over from scratch. 

The eight-episode series centers on the Big Bang member’s banishment to a division where many YG troublemakers have purportedly been sent, after falling from grace in the eyes of agency head Yang Hyun-suk. 

As part of a team that includes TV personality Yoo Byung-jae and Lee Jae-jin of Sechskies, Seungri follows Yang’s directive to rebuild the company’s reputation. The show is directed by Park Joon-soo, known for his low-budget comedy stylings in God of Music, and written by Kim Min-seok, who took part in SNL Korea.

Seungri kicked off the press conference for the show in Seoul on Monday, clad in an outfit befitting his role: a clean-cut black suit and glasses. 

“It’s going to be a coming-of-age story about a man who gets to climb (the ladder) from the very bottom. While it features many K-pop stars and is ostensibly a comical sitcom, the show has a touching story that many people will be able to relate to.” 

Another highlight of the show is its dramatic and down-to-earth revelations about the company and even about Seungri. 

Director Park, who also attended the event, said he found YG’s secretive and somewhat troublesome image inspiring. 

“As a director, I used to caricature the dark side of this entertainment world, and I thought YG, which had dealt with numerous troubles in the past, was also a part of it,” Park said. 

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To inject an element of realism into the show, YG FSO will touch on various issues that have been hidden from public, including past controversies and scandals that the agency previously considered too sensitive to talk about. 

“While shooting, I asked Park several times, ‘Is it really OK to talk about those topics?’ But he said, ‘Why not? Everyone knows about it.’ So I decided, if we are going to do it, let’s make it as fun as possible,” Seungri said. 

“Since a lot of scenarios are based on reality, I didn’t find it difficult to act while shooting.”

Seungri said other stars at YG, including Black Pink, iKon and Winner, as well as stars from different agencies such as Son Na-eun of Apink and Sunmi, will also make guest appearances on the show. 

Park originally tried to cast Yang. But the founder and main producer of YG refused the offer and instead introduced Seungri to the director. 

YG FSO is to be released Friday. 

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