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Seven perks of dating a gamer

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Jakarta  /  Mon, October 22, 2018  /  01:02 am
Seven perks of dating a gamer

Generation X can stop worrying about their game-loving sons and daughters finding it difficult to find friends or dates. And for the gamers themselves: Be more confident that you are more than welcome in the dating circle. (Shutterstock/Oleg Krugliak)

With more millennials and generation Z aspiring to become gamers, generation X may worry about the younger generations’ future. However, those who have grown up playing Nintendo 64, Gameboy Color, PlayStation, Xbox and now the Oculus rift, could still have a charming personality and potential for success.

Generation X can stop worrying about their game-loving sons and daughters finding it difficult to find friends or dates. And for the gamers themselves: Be more confident that you are more than welcome in the dating circle. Lifehack compiles a few reasons why.

1. Appreciates me time

A good relationship means there is enough me time for everyone. Instead of being clingy, your gamer significant other would not mind being left alone with a sleek and sexy controller and any console or PC, when you feel like taking your me time.

2. Not your average Joe (or Jane?)

Recently a study conducted by the Department of Defense found that gamers seem to be more intelligent than the average person.

Video game controls and mechanics require more intense hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, puzzle-solving and information gathering than most other activities.

All of the above means gamers are subconsciously performing instinctive calculations while they play. This carries over into the real world very well.

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3. Imagination and creativity is key in any environment

Gamers have a really broad imagination, driven and inspired by the vast amount of media, design and storytelling they consume with every game. Most modern AAA games feature fantastical worlds in other universes.

Thanks to this, gamers tend to be more open-minded than most.

4. A different kind of maintenance

Gamers tend to be uninterested in shoes, clothes and accessories, unless they are associated with a franchise they are into.

But when it comes to dates, pizza at home is fine to any gamer.

And when it comes to the moment gamers become picky, the next point will illustrate just what kind of high-maintenance you have to deal with.

5. Tech know-how

If you have very little knowledge of the latest in technology, then dating a gamer will definitely be a boost to this area of your life. From only the most comfortable chairs to the best speakers, headsets to computer cores, graphics cards and the most powerful operating system combinations, a gamer knows best.

It takes a massive amount of juice for a computer to run only the best games at the smoothest frame rate. It takes even more internet speed to make sure the lag is non-existent. So not only will a gamer know how to supercharge a computer, but they will also be willing to pay for the fastest internet access available on the market.

6. Stubborn in all the right ways

Have you ever heard the popular saying “why have one life when you can have many?” It’s a piece of advice often uttered in gaming circles. Games with multiple lives have taught gamers that life is about trying again and again, over and over.

Now with the perma-death mechanic (a situation in which a character cannot reappear after having been killed and therefore the player has to start from scratch, losing all of their progress) becoming more popular in later releases, this rings even more true.

Gamers will understand what it is like to lose everything, and having to start all over. This makes them very sturdy when it comes to real-life problems coming their way. As it says in The Glitch Mob and Mako's song “RISE” from the League of Legends World Championship 2018 promotional video: “push through hell and rise, rise!” 

7. Patience, my darling

Gamers are used to waiting. They wait for new game installments and releases all the time. If you need extra time to finish makeup, or to find your favorite pair of running shoes, just let your gamer-date know and they will happily reach a new level or two while you get ready.

Whatever the case, there are always pluses to dating any kind of person. This list shows that there are perks when it comes to grabbing someone who is usually in front of a screen, and taking them out for a night in town or a day in the woods. (acr/mut)