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Miss Paraguay faints after being crowned Miss Grand International

Jacqueline Arias News Network

 /  Fri, October 26, 2018  /  03:07 pm
Miss Paraguay faints after being crowned Miss Grand International

Miss Grand International 2018 winners: Nadia Purwoko of Indonesia (left), Clara Sosa of Paraguay (center) and Meenakshi Chaudhary of India. (Facebook/Miss Grand International/-)

Beauty queens must have some sort of superpower, like the ability to stand up strong after a devastating fall. Philippine bet Eva Patalinjug proved that during the Miss Grand International 2018 preliminaries. Even Clara Sosa of Paraguay collapsed right after she was named Miss Grand International but she still managed to do her first walk.

Before the announcement, the host asked the top 2, Miss Paraguay and Miss India, how they’re feeling. The former mentioned that she felt like she’s “going to have a heart attack.” True enough, when Paraguay was announced, she fell to the floor while Miss India gave her a congratulatory hug. You can watch the moment in the video below:

Fortunately, Clara was able to stand up and compose herself so she could walk as the newly-crowned Miss Grand International. What an absolute #kween.

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According to ABS-CBN News, Clara’s winning response to the question on promoting pageantry to end war and violence is that she will go America and ask Pres. Donald Trump to be “an example of peace, love, and tolerance.” This is an important message as well from a woman living in South America since Trump has always insisted on building a border wall to bar refugees.

Congratulations, Clara! We’re also glad you’re okay after that fall.

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