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Does walking help you lose weight? Expert weighs in

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Jakarta  /  Wed, December 26, 2018  /  06:01 am
Does walking help you lose weight? Expert weighs in

Hours of nonstop walking are not necessary. (Shutterstock/lzf)

Walking is a simple exercise, as it needs neither special equipment nor a specific place. Even so, it can help with losing weight.

Hours of nonstop walking are unnecessary. According to Nicolette Amarillas, an ACE and NASM-certified corrective exercise specialist, walking for 30 minutes a day is sufficient.

“Duration alone is not enough, routineness and continuity need to be considered also,” Amarillas said.

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Though walking several times a week may produce good results, Amarillas recommends walking every day for the best results. Even in the beginning stage, when the body is still adjusting to the intensity.

If weight loss is the goal, the walking speed should change constantly in the first 30-60 seconds, reported. 

Amarillas also says that a combination of several targets is possible. 

For example, try walking uphill on Monday and speed-walking on Tuesday. Reduce the intensity or rest on a certain day when the body needs to. (iru/kes)