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'Jogja Istimewa' song used without consent in campaign, says Marzuki Mohamad

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Jakarta  /  Tue, January 15, 2019  /  03:39 pm
'Jogja Istimewa' song used without consent in campaign, says Marzuki Mohamad

Marzuki 'Juki' Mohamad or known as Kill The DJ, a Javanese hip-hop musician. (Libertaria Music/-)

Rapper Marzuki Mohamad also known as Kill The DJ, a member of Jogja Hip Hop Foundation (JHF) group, said that one of the group’s songs was used without consent in a presidential campaign in Yogyakarta.

In a video posted by Twitter user @CakKhum on Thursday, Jan. 10, the song “Jogja Istimewa” (Special Yogyakarta) was sung by a group of women with their index and middle fingers raised, in favor of presidential candidate No. 2, Prabowo Subianto.

The lyrics of the song have been slightly altered to “Jogja, Jogja istimewa/Prabowo Sandi pilihan kita/Jogja Jogja, Jogja istimewa/Adil makmur tujuan kita” (Special Yogyakarta/Prabowo Sandi is our choice/Special Yogyakarta/Just and proper is our goal). The original lyric is, "Jogja, Jogja, tetap istimewa/Istimewa negerinya, istimewa orangnya/Jogja, Jogja, tetap istimewa/Jogja istimewa untuk Indonesia” (Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, stay special/Special state, special people/Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, stay special/Yogyakarta, special to Indonesia).  

On Monday, Marzuki posted the video on Instagram with the caption that read, “I have never given permission for the use of this song in any presidential campaign, whether for candidate No. 1 or No. 2. I, @javahiphop and most Yogyakartans understand the history and honor contained in the song, and that’s why I will never replace the lyrics for other purposes, whether commercial or even political campaigns.”


Karena video ini sudah viral dan banyak yang salah persepsi kepada saya, selaku pencipta lagu Jogja Istimewa yang dinyanyikan bersama @javahiphop - maka dengan ini saya perlu melakukan klarifikasi: . Bahwa saya tidak akan pernah memberikan ijin kepada siapa pun lagu Jogja Istimewa tersebut digunakan untuk kampanye pilpres, baik itu pasangan nomer urut 01 maupun 02. Bagi saya, @javahiphop, dan sebagian besar warga Yogyakarta, pasti tahu sejarah dan kebanggaan pada lagu tersebut, itu kenapa saya tidak akan pernah mengganti liriknya untuk tujuan lain, baik komersil apalagi kampanye politik. Meskipun saya pendukung @jokowi saya tidak akan pernah mengkhianati nilai lagu tersebut dengan mengubah liriknya. . Siapa pun Anda yang mengubah lagu tersebut, membuat videonya, dan ikut menyebarkanya, Anda telah melanggar undang-undang dan saya bisa membawanya ke ranah hukum. . Terakhir saya berpesan, apapun pilihan Anda, 01, 02, Golput, tolong warisi bangsa ini dengan etika yang benar, menjiplak lagu orang lain jelas tidak beretika dan melanggar hukum, plus, jangan warisi generasi mendatang dengan fitnah dan sampah kebencian. . Sekian & terima kasih

A post shared by Marzuki Mohamad (@killthedj) on

The Yogyakarta-based rapper further wrote, “I am a supporter of @jokowi, but I will never betray the song’s value by changing its lyrics. Any person who has altered the song, made the video and spread it has violated the law and I can file a lawsuit. Regardless of your political choices, please leave a legacy of being ethical. Copying other people’s songs is clearly unethical and against the law. Also, leave the next generation out of hoax and hate.”

Read also: Hip-hop artist speaking to the lower class through dangdut reported on Tuesday that Andre Rosiade, Prabowo-Sandiaga team spokesman, had asked the presidential candidate’s supporters to apologize to Marzuki and refrain from using the song. Marzuki tweeted that he would wait for the apology until the afternoon. Slightly after 2 p.m., he tweeted that he had not received any formal apology and said, "Time is up."

“Jogja Istimewa” was released in November 2009, containing wordplay derived from the city’s status as Yogyakarta Special Regency. In a blog post from 2011, Marzuki wrote that 70 percent of the song’s lyrics came from the words of Indonesian founding fathers, such as president Soekarno, Yogyakarta’s Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX and educationalist Ki Hadjar Dewantara.

According to Marzuki, the song’s chorus came from Soekarno, who in one of his speeches honored the Yogyakarta palace and people in the time leading up to Indonesia gaining independence.

Originally founded as a meeting place for emerging rappers in Yogyakarta, JHF was founded in 2003 by Marzuki, along with Heri Wiyoso aka M2MX and Balance Perdana Putra aka Ngila of Jahanam, and Janu Prihaminanto aka ki Ageng Gantas and Lukman Hakim aka Raja Pati of Rotra. The group is noted for combining hip hop and rap with Javanese literature and gamelan music, frequently collaborating with Catholic priest Sindhunata who is also known as a literary figure. They often deal with social and political issues in their lyrics, addressing injustice, corruption and marginalized people.

The JHF has been invited to perform in New York, Brussels and Amsterdam, among other places. The group has released three albums, namely Poetry Battle 1 (2006), Poetry Battle 2 (2009) and Semar Mesem Romo Mendem (2014). (wng)

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