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Seven high-protein foods to include in your meals

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Seven high-protein foods to include in your meals

Protein can help muscle recovery, keep you feeling full and prevent osteoporosis, among others. (Shutterstock/photka)

Proteins have all the benefits of promoting muscle recovery, keep you feeling full and can prevent osteoporosis. According to Healthline , the recommended amount of protein for adults is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight per day.

With one egg containing about six to seven grams of protein, it is considered the perfect food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you wish to increase your daily protein intake, Reader´s Digest has compiled a list of the following seven foods.

1. Edamame

The plant-based green snack contains a lot of magnesium and protein. “In just one cup, edamame serves up about 26 grams of protein, iron, and calcium, as well as one-third of your recommended daily fiber intake,” said Abby Sauer, an expert in healthy aging.

2. Tempeh

Made from fermented and pressed soybeans, tempeh is a healthy and versatile choice. You can crumble it into soups, stew, bake, or grill it. Four ounces of tempeh contain more than 20 grams of proteins, according to nutritionist Anne Danahy.

3. Tuna

As a naturally lean protein source, 5 ounces of tuna contains 32 grams of protein. Sauer highly recommends including tuna in a healthy diet. It’s also versatile, as you can eat it in sandwiches, salad, or cook it with pasta.

4. Watermelon seeds

Next time you eat watermelon, pay attention to the fruit’s seeds. Pediatric dietitian Colene Stoernell recommends watermelon seeds for vegan diets. Not only are they a good source of plant-based protein, they’re also rich in iron, magnesium and zinc. Healthline  recommends roasted watermelon seeds as an alternative to unhealthy snack options.

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5. Lentils

Lentils are healthy, low-priced and fulfilling—the perfect food for your diet. You can use green lentils for salads and red ones for a spicy curry. The seeds are rich in carbs and fibers. According to Sauer, one serving of lentils contains about 18 grams of protein and one third of your daily recommended intake of iron.

6. Sardines

Clinical nutritionist Stella Metsovas recommends eating three cans of sardines a week. Three ounces of sardines contain over 18 grams of protein, as well as selenium and vitamin D. They are also high in omega-3. Eating canned sardines with the bones is considered good for your bones.

7. Greek yogurt

Real Greek yogurt is creamy, thick and full of protein. One cup of non-fat Greek yogurt has about 24 grams of protein which equates to four eggs.

“Traditional Greek yogurt is strained to lose the watery whey, resulting in a richer, thicker creamier yogurt with twice the protein and less sugar than regular yogurt,” says dietitian Julie Upton. (sop/wng)

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