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'Spider-Man: Far From Home' trailer picks up 'Avengers: Endgame' thread


Agence France-Presse

 /  Wed, May 8, 2019  /  10:43 am

One of the central themes of "Spider-Man: Far From Home" deals with events of "Avengers: Endgame," still in theaters, and as a result the movie's official second trailer is preceded by a spoiler warning; this article's text remains spoiler-free.

"If you haven't seen 'Avengers: Endgame' yet, stop watching, because there's some serious spoilers about to come up," warns lead actor Tom Holland at the start of this second trailer for July movie "Spider-Man: Far From Home."

"But if you have seen 'Avengers: Endgame'," he says, a gambit sure to boost the world's highest-grossing movie of all time, "enjoy the trailer."

This look at the "Spider-Man: Homecoming" sequel has Peter Parker sporting a new suit and contemplating his connection with superhero and personal mentor Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man.

There's a shot of that suit in action, as Spidey deals with a restaurant shoot-out, before jesting with local police and announcing he's off on vacation.

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The japes continue as he avoids a call from Avengers director Nick Fury in favor of a trip to Europe with his pals, and there's more of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), introduced in January 's pre-"Endgame" first trailer.

Why Spider-Man and Mysterio haven't already met has huge implications not only for "Spider-Man: Far From Home" but the entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward.

Phase Three of the MCU might have come to a crescendo with "Endgame," but clearly there is a grand strategy in place for how the franchise will expand in future.

Whatever the case, with the more experienced heroes of "Endgame" out of the picture for various reasons, Spider-Man is next in line to save the world, regardless of vacation and relationship plans.

"Spider-Man: Far From Home" launches internationally the week of July 2, 2019.

Previously considered the first entry to Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's now been appended to Phase Three; a "Black Widow" origin story, a third "Guardians of the Galaxy," and new "Doctor Strange," "Black Panther," "Ant-Man," "Thor" and "Captain Marvel" movies are among those expected to figure in the franchise's next multi-film arc.