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By the way: Let's fast together, a rhyme for our time

Duncan Graham

The Jakarta Post

Malang, East Java  /  Thu, May 16, 2019  /  07:01 pm
By the way: Let's fast together, a rhyme for our time

Wakey, wakey, rise and whine, its 3 a.m. and first-meal time. Breaking the fast will come tonight, so eat up now and do what’s right, my family dearest, bon appetit.

For those who follow different views, we have some good – and not-so-good news.

The eateries you like to go to for noodles, rice, tempe, bakso (meatball soup) are likely shut and tables emptied, to stop your palate being tempted.

There are some folks not firm and strong, they need tough laws to show what’s wrong. Not you; this column’s readers realize that self-discipline will help decide.

Do not despair, not all’s unfair, some restaurant doors will be ajar, though finding them may take you far.

The hints are subtle, no signs to hustle, just full parking lots and blinds closed tight, to stop the sight of followers of minor doctrines, gorging burgers laced with onions.

The hungry do not want to know, the goodies that the menus show, like soups and toasts, brown chips and roasts, powders from the coffee beans, topped off by lashings of ice cream. Temptations frighten, don’t enlighten.

Carbohydrates here and there, so when you order, do beware.

These foods come fast with sodas sweet, yet water’s delicious and also nutritious. They fear poor health has many links to icky, sticky, fizzy drinks. The sugar fix that some do crave, could send them to an early grave.

Tummy pangs may bruise your will, and make you feel a little ill, so pause for one or two pulse rates, and watch the pressure de-escalate.

The question here is simple, straight, it could determine future fate:

Do you really need a meal? Or is it something you just feel you want through conditioning? Not cooling air, but social manipulating. A ritual to supply your victuals.

The devil urges “order soon”, life’s ticking clock strikes stroke of noon, time flies – no lies. The moment comes but once, so choose now our specials – who’d refuse?

Before you open up your purse, consider reading all this verse, suppress your pangs and sighs – recall the words from doctors wise:

“We see your waist is getting bigger, that doesn’t suit your face or figure. Statistics prove that guys your age, will never get to pension stage, unless they count the calories and push aside the greasy fries.”

But how can this be done, you cry. Well, this month gives us time to try.

Consider who is now involved; neighbors, good friends, and relatives too, we’re told.  No need to change your faith positions, restraint is practiced by all religions.

Don’t stand aloof, receive this truth. Resisting foods but for a while, endeavor to rejig your style, t’will benefit your health – and certainly preserve your wealth.

Contemplation and restraints helped some ancients turn to saints. What worked for seers in earlier years, proves comforts lasting – just through fasting.

When at first you do abstain, prepare yourself for little pains, though overall come many gains.

Your spirit will be richer, and you’ll look a better picture, on the selfies on Facebook, that your jealous friends will envy, when they’re on a feeding frenzy.

Abstaining from the food and drink, can stimulate our minds to think, about the things that matter more, than banquets, booze and cakes galore.

In any case four weeks will fly, so why not give it one quick try? A month’s short-term, so just stay firm.  And here’s a reminder – some faiths are kinder.

Romans are told they should repent, for 30 days to follow Lent. That’s 12 days extra than for those who look to Mecca. So, don’t complain about your Lot, that fellow’s wife was turned saline, because she never ceased to whine.

This witty ditty’s coming to an end, so here’s the message that it sends: Whatever holy book you read, why not peruse our common needs?  For some, it’s health and being slim, for other's sacred pietism.

First timers may not last, but do not fret, next time they’ll go the distance, no regret.

Forget them and us, so no more fuss, erase hate and celebrate, let’s do this thing together. (ste)


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