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'Ford v. Ferrari:' Christian Bale, Matt Damon steer fast-moving trailer


Agence France-Presse

 /  Tue, June 4, 2019  /  01:02 pm

Matt Damon plays designer Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale his driver Ken Miles, both tasked with beating Ferrari at the legendary Le Mans race.

A first trailer for November 2019's "Ford v. Ferrari" lays out the blueprint for Ford's audacious challenge for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race crown.

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Matt Damon stars as now-legendary automotive designer Carroll Shelby, recruited by Ford Motor Company executive Lee Iacocca (Jon Bernthal, "Baby Driver," "The Punisher") to turn the brand new Ford GT40 into the world's best endurance racer.

At the time, Ferrari was the dominant force in the performance motorsport event, having won six consecutive editions of the race since 1960 and holding the manufacturer's record with nine wins in total.

Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts, "Homeland," "The Big Short") was determined, however, to win the upcoming race in 90 days, a feat which would make Ford the first ever non-European manufacturer to take the chequered flag.

Ken Miles' son Peter is played by Noah Jupe of "A Quiet Place" with Ken's wife Mollie played by Catriona Balfe of "Outlander" fame.

The film is directed by James Mangold of "3:10 to Yuma" (which co-starred Christian Bale) and 2017's superhero movie "Logan;" Mangold has also brought composer and frequent collaborator Marco Beltrami on board.

"Ford v. Ferrari" is to begin its U.S. and international release the week of November 15, 2019.