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By the way: Differences that enrich us

Donny Syofyan

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Fri, June 21, 2019  /  04:22 pm
By the way: Differences that enrich us

Studying abroad enriches students with valuable experiences. Some may say that it has provided them an opportunity to learn about public sector management in a developed country. Some others gained knowledge that will help them to shape a better education system back in Indonesia. For me, the most important experience during my time in Australia revolves around cultural diversity. I consider culture an aspect that exposes individuals to differences at a greater scale compared to those that people might encounter in any other fields.  During my time in Australia, I observed how Australians think, prioritize, make decisions and deal with problems. As an Indonesian who had intensively interacted with Australians, I found one thing that often caused cross-cultural misunderstanding: verbalization. Rooted in Western culture, Australians communicate in a very verbal manner. You ne...